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This mod will make the game easier for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the game without getting their ass kicked

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just update the Last Version of Easy mode
*there is no update after this*

** this mod is open to all your suggestions. If you have a request, write in the comments section so that I can do it if I can **

thank you all for trying my mod and thank you for your kind comments, Good luck and good wishes


---  only for SOTFS Version  ---


v2 + Last Heroes of Drangleic

mix of all version merge together

** Approved by Carhillion of Fold :
-bigger and more powerful basic spells(fireball dark orb sunlight spear heal soul arrow)
- higher jump
- higher cast speed
- lower the slot required for spells

** lovayn's Walk of Peace :

- slower hollowing (85% max loss)

** Wrath of the Jim :
- 10 - 15 % higher damage output
- even higher drop rate from v.2

2.0 :

all the v.1 features plus :

-higher enemy drop rate (all rings give item discovery and They all stack with items that have  the same effect)
-reduce the cost of leveling up
-increase the boss souls 
-nearly infinite spell use for basic spell ( soul arrow, heal, Lightning Spear, Fireball, Dark Orb)
- no requirements for covenant rewards (need testing maybe bugged right now)

**How to install:

Download UXM and run it Browse and select DarkSoulsII.exe, unpack button and when its done patch button 
Extract my files and copy them  into your game Directory