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- Blaze Smelter Sword -
Smelter Sword Retexture MOD V1.00

5 colors avaliable: Red / Blue / Green / Violet / Gold

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- Blaze Smelter Sword -

Smelter Sword Retexture MOD

6 colors avaliable:  Blue / Dark / Gold / Green / Red / Violet

"Alaernative Fires" are in individual packs, please install them to change the fire's color in the sword's special attack.

If you like this MOD, please Endorse and / or Vote me on Nexusmods.com!
This will encourage me to create more MODs! Thanks very much! :3

. "Alaernative Fires" may also affects pyromance / Fire / campfire / smoke. Please install it with caution.

To Use:
1: Download GeDoSaTo at : http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?tag=gedosato
2: In GeDoSaTo.ini, find and change "enableTextureOverride" to TRUE
3: Create "override" folder in the GeDoSaTo directory, say: textures/DarkSoulsII/override
4: Put all textures (directly) into the "override" folder. (Don't just put the folder in it!)
5: Activate GeDoSaTo before starting the game.
6: Enjoy!

---------- Darkraven Silversmith (Darkraven Danick @SL), 2014/09/06

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