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About this mod

A general purpose asset viewer/editor for Dark Souls.
Can view all maps, characters/NPCs, and object/props.
Can edit meshes and textures for weapons only, at this time.

Permissions and credits
DSMODT: Dark Souls MOD Tool
Version 0.4 "Weapon Edit"

This is the "weapon-edit" release of my Dark Souls Modding Tool, DSMODT.
I am not currently providing support for this tool, however bug reports and realistic change/feature requests are welcome, as I am continuing to work on it. Find the latest version at www.rivernyxx.com

This tool is being provided "as-is" with no promise that it will work in any way whatsoever, for any purpose.
Some of the graphics shown on the DSMODT UIs may appear to be the same as the graphics shown on some of the UIs in Dark Souls. THESE GRAPHICS ARE NOT DISTRIBUTED AS A PART OF THIS APPLICATION! DSMODT reads these graphics from the installed copy of the game and applies them to the DSMODT UI elements during startup.

* View all meshes directly from your Dark Souls installation
** Maps
** Characters
** Objects/Props
** Weapons
** Armours
** NPCs/Cosplay/Fashion Souls
* Meshes render with 95% similarity to the actual game
** Diffuse textures
** Bumpmaps (and detail bumpmaps)
** Specularity maps
** Lightmaps
** Colored vertices
** Bone weights/Animations
* Maps
** All pieces are put together- on a rare occassion, this can cause some overlap, usually in areas where lower quality meshes were used when viewing a particular part of the map from a distance.
** Maps have icons marking the location of entities, objects, particle systems, audio sources, and a variety of other things.
* Edit meshes, materials, and textures for weapons and save them directly to your Dark Souls installation
** Basic modifications, such as rotating/flipping the mesh can be performed inside DSMODT to save time
* Undo all changes made by DSMODT to your Dark Souls installation
* Integrated bug reporting

==Known Issues==
Low resolution textures and low LoDs (qualities) are showing in many areas of the maps.
* This is caused by some maps containing overlapping "low detail" versions of portions of the map (Anor Londo is particularly bad) for viewing from a distance. Because of the how this data is stored, there is no way to auto-detect this. Sorry T_T;

In Oolacile, there's a copy of the Kalameet battle area floating above the original
* I have no idea why this is there, but I manually looked at the file, and it actually does contain a copy there.

In Firelink Shrine, there's a copy of some of the distance areas (under the fog) near the cemetary, floating below the original.
* Same as above.

Maps don't show meshes for entities or objects
* This is technically possible, and it was working in an older version, but most maps would cause DSMODT to run out of memory and crash, so it was removed for now.

Ghosts don't render properly
* I haven't dedicated the time to figure this out yet, but it should be possible in the future.

Crossbreed Priscila has a stretched polygon on her tail
* I don't know either.

Modifying a weapon doesn't change the version carried by an enemy
* This is a limitation in DSMODT - it just hasn't been programmed in yet.

Modifying some weapons (ie. Abyss Greatsword) causes the in-game "swoosh" visuals to show up weird.
* This is a lesser evil resulting from a hack that is in place until a real bone-mapping solution is implemented. Rest assured it's temporary.

[Cross]bows are positioned/stretched weird when characters are holding them
* This popped up unexpectedly recently. It will be fixed in a future release.