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RavagerChris37 for example with the bass cannon
Nyxojaele for DSMODT
Aatvark binder tool
Fromsoftware for dark souls and assets

Project 3 To 1

this mod is a weapon replacer mod in which you can replace an existing weapon to a new look of dark souls 3 featured weapons.

the list of weapon that is available are:

replace model
-Ringed Knight Straight Sword
-Ringed Knight Spear
-Ringed Knight Paired Greatsword
-Frayed Blade
-Aquamarine Dagger
-Dark Sword
-Harald Curved Greatsword
-Gael's Greatsword
-Valor Heart
-Friede's Great Scythe
-Morion Blade
-Twin Princes Greatsword
-Exile Greatsword
-Splitleaf Greatsword
-Lothric Knight Sword
-Lothric Knight Greatsword
-Giant Door Great Shield

warning the DSMODT will replace the ingame file permanently, but you can restore your dark souls dvdbnd file again.
apperently an error could occur that some particles (including fog gate and enmy particles) on certain area will not appear in game or even have sound.
the known place where this error occurs are: Undead asylum(also with stray demons fire), Valley of Drakes(no lightning on Drakes), New londo, Dukes Archive(also with the Channeler Soul Spear with no Sound), Crytal Cave(this is where it hurts. the prism stone will not appear, and so you cannot see the invisible bridge), Kiln of the First flame(this one is good for framerate whilst gwyn doesnt have fire sword. also including the brilliant light before soul vessel)

How to Install
-first, you need to have a DSModt v0.4 or newer by Nyxojaele and run it, then wait till its workspace generated
-at the DSMODT you will find a list containing map change the selection to Weapons
-Pick the weapon you need to replace with. for better fixes read "Weapon Replacement"
-then click the Pencil icon to edit the name.
-pick the target of weapon that will be replaced(DO THIS ONLY IF YOU PICK THE FIRST DIFFERENT WEAPON AND THEN REPLACE IT TO THE NEXT TARGET, read "Weapon Replacement")
-Drag the model file(.dae) to DSMODT. pick a material, either a m4_stone(DSB) or m7_metal(DSB) or m7_metal(dsb)(edge)
-Drag the Texture. The name format of the Texture will be (Name)_(Type).png, example: FUG_D. Drag the (_D) to the Main box, Drag the (_N) to the bump Box, Drag the (_S) to the Specular Box.
-Apply Change. and then Save to dark souls

Weapon Replacement(this instruction is for ingame weapon that will be replaced)
- basically you can replace any weapon you want, but the range and the effect of the new weapon would be the same as the initial weapon property. some weapon is longer and broader making the buff doesnt match, and some weapon has different idle axis such as stone greatsword and cursed greatsword of artorias that will have weird sword swoosh effect if you replace it with my model. so to counter this, you need to retarget weapon.
-first open the weapon that would likely match the new weapon, then edit weapon and retarget the weapon(at the top) to what you want it to replace. the new weapon will have the hitbox property of the initial edited weapon but will have the damage and moveset of the retargeted weapon.(thanks for RavagerChris37)
-but if you lazy and you want to do it like i do, follow how i do it:
-ringed knight paired greatsword will replace the manserpent greatsword and then replace any ultra greatsword(or just stick to manserpent greatsword and then edit the moveset and property to ultragreatsword)
-Ringed knight straight sword will replace the longsword
-ringed knight spear will first replace the silver knight spear and then replace the winged spear or partizan(put on fire buff and enjoy)
-frayed blade will replace uchigatana first and then drake sword(so you can have that dragon special attack and edit the moveset and property with cheat engine)
-Aquamarine dagger will replace the dagger. for the powered version you can first replace the longsword and then retarget to dark silver tracer(the material that i use for the crystal is '(S)_MagicCircle')
-Dark sword will replace Dark sword(nuff said)
-Harald greatsword could replace the murakumo then retarget to server
-Gaels greatsword could replace the Greatlord Greatsword(change special attack in cheat engine with 111, enjoy)
-Valor heart will replace the broadsword and target shield
-Friedes great schyte could replace priscila scythe or great scythe, and the left version could replace the warpick
-Morion blade will replace the shortsword
-twin princes greatsword will first replace the black knight sword and then retarget to stone greatsword or any greatsword you want, but my already done icon already replaced the stone greatsword
-Exile greatsword will replace the gravelord sword
-Splitleaf Greatsword will replace Black knight Halberd or Gargoyles Halberd
-Lothric knight Sword will replace the balder side sword
-Lothric Knight Greatsword will replace Greatsword
-Giant door shield can replace any great shield you want, but for the left handed version you need to replace another weapon and put on the model and click the flip y button in the right bottom

this mod will allow you to pick whatever weapon you want to add in or not therefor if you didnot want to use the suggested weapon in the "Weapon Replacement", the icons of the weapon will be different
so in order to get a correct icon, edit the psd file in the icon folder.
there will also be pictures of the weapon, edit the pictures and place it in the psd file to the correct weapon that you want to replace with.
but if you're going to use the suggested weapon to be replaced then just copy '17c838c0.png' and '60a2c243.png' into the dsfix tex_override folder

How to Uninstall
-Click on 'Restore Dark Souls' in DSMODT
-or copy the backup of dvdbnd file if you have any

Please Read
I made this mod to be shared for free use you can edit them all you want but please do not claim this as your own and do not use it for commercials usage. please give credits

i made the model my self but ripped the textures from dark souls 3 original asset.
some bug may occur with a dodgy hitbox and sometimes hitting some wall even though theres non. to avoid that, watch RavagerChris37 video about how to fix hitboxes in DSMODT

Created by DacDS
put on this mod and enjoy