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immersive hud,visible enemy healthbar,improved crosshair and neat estus flask :D

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The Kornett made a video showcasing the HUD and 2 of my other mods.
Check it out here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsjOJQ1Bov8
Leave a like if you enjoyed it and check out some cool pvp matches!

updated hp and stamina bar


and i also recommand this : http://darksouls.nexusmods.com/mods/76/?
to use with my mod; (Play Station C is the exact folder where you'll find this .png)

endorse if you appreciate my work.

add me to steam for ds1/ds2 co-op Cry Wolf(Cain)

what does this do?

makes the hud more transparent and tries to blend it in the screen as much as possible without ruining the experience.

it makes the crosshair a little smaller and more precise

makes enemy hp bar brighter,without changing the original colors

makes the items that go into the hud slots a little transparent(you can still see them pretty well)

makes the estus flask look better.

humanity numers are smaller

how do i install?

copy the files into the folder called tex_override,found in the dsfix folder( you must have that installed first,but hey...who hasn't?
for the full experience you need to copy the update file aswell,and override when asked.

thanks you for your support !