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This mod provides and expands the features of MetalCrow's original "PvP Quality of Life Mod", but without DLL injection. This results in better performance and makes for a more flexible foundation for future features/changes.

Permissions and credits
This project is primarily intended for players who seek to engage in organized pvp at SL125-135. Using this mod to gain an advantage in random pvp is cheating, so please be conscientious.

  • Dragon Blood is an infinite use consumable which allows toggling Undead/No Death on and off. This item will visually indicate when HP has reached 1 while active. It can be found in a pot near Firelink Shrine's bonfire. Does not protect from falls which would normally be lethal at full health < this is a timer based failsafe against consequences associated with falling through kill planes. Fall damage in and of itself does not kill.
  • Red Sign Soapstone, Blue Eye Orb, Red Eye Orb, and Cracked Red Eye orb no longer require you to be in human form.
  • Blue Eye Orb, Red Eye Orb, Eye of Death, and Cat Covenant Ring no longer have covenant requirements.
  • Eye of Death can now be used by hosts engaged in multiplayer.
  • Infinite Durability for all weapons/armor.
  • Permanent 99 Humanity.
  • Gesture Cancel.
  • Certain consumables are now infinite use: Green Blossom, Divine Blessing, (Blooming) Purple Moss Clump, Purging Stone, Egg Vermifuge, Repair Powder, (Poison) Throwing Knife, (Black) Firebomb, Dung Pie, Alluring Skull, Lloyd's Talisman, (Charcoal/Gold/Rotten) Pine Resin, Humanity, and Prism Stone.
  • Divine Blessings now restore spells and remove the effects of Green Blossom.
  • Community Easter Eggs added (2)
  • Phantom Break - this is impossible to replicate without external scripts. The good news is QoLite is compatible with the original PVP Quality of Life Mod, so you may run them concurrently.
  • Protection scripts - these features have largely been ported over to DSCM anyway.
  • Make a backup of your DATA folder. I'd recommend putting it in a zip file for safe keeping and so you'll have a default reference handy at all times.
  • Copy/Paste/Replace the contents of QoLite.zip into your Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition installation.
  • Launch the game and enjoy.
  • Copy/Paste/Replace the contents of the Uninstall folder into your Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition installation.
  • Done.