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A Lone black templar from a grimdark future sits alone in a world full of monsters, with Blade and fire the knight shall persist for in this dark lonely world... You must prepare to die.
------------- A simple Elite knight Retexture with Black Templar Imagery and an Aquila in the Head (GW don't sue)---------

Permissions and credits
Required Mods:
DSFix Click here

How to Install?
1.Install DSfix First by extracting all of its contents within the game's "DATA" Folder (The one with the DARKSOULS.EXE file).
2.Double Click on the DSFix.ini and scroll down then find:
# enables texture override
# textures in "dsfix\tex_override\[hash].png" will replace the corresponding originals
# will cause a small slowdown during texture loading!
enableTextureOverride 1   <--- Set this to ONE for the game to use CUSTOM TEXTURES.
3.Extract the Mod's file in a folder of your choosing and transfer all of the"The Black Templar" Folder's contents to:
Dark Souls\dsfix\tex_override
4.Launch your game and see if it works!

This mod was inspired by WinningEdge101's Elite Knight Set Templar Grandmaster Reskin and of course Warhammer40k's Black Templars.
If you want the Weapons in the Images it's in here Likemereet's Nexus Claymore and Mojique's Black Knight Memories - BKS Specular Textures.

Please Tell me your thoughts in the posts section thank you!