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MinHUD, but with humanity and souls counter.

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MinHUD is an amazing mod that I simply can not play Dark Souls without anymore due to how much space the original UI takes. Having some UI elements hidden and rearranged is a nice, handy and immersive touch, but I'd like to see the humanity and the souls counter in game, so I tweaked the original mod a little to bring those elements back and left everything else untouched.
Credits go to the author of the original mod, TKGP. I only spent some time to figure out what I need to tweak exactly to restore those elements.


  1. Unpack your game with UDSFM.
  2. Copy the included menu folder into your game installation directory, overwriting the existing menu.drb.


  1. Go to the original mod page: MinHUD.
  2. Copy the menu folder from "Backup" into your game installation directory, overwriting the modded menu.drb.