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Randomly replaces enemies/bosses in the world

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Enemy randomizer generates a random placement of enemies to make your playthrough of Dark Souls different and more challenging. Depending on the options you choose, it's possible to, for example, fight Artorias (or 3 of them) in the swamps of Blighttown, or pass through the fog gate in Anor Londo only to see a puny hollow and a painting guardian instead of O&S.

Right now the mod isn't exactly fair, as almost all enemy replacements are entirely random. The only exception is the Undead Asylum for which you can toggle 'easy' mode, which only allows easier enemies to be placed there (So you wouldn't have to fight Manus with starting gear and stats)

Do note however, that this is a very early version of the mod, and does have issues (some invisible projectiles for example). The mod shouldn't crash the game as the current version has been stable for me throughout my test runs, but it's not entirely impossible in some areas.

NOTICE: v0.2 released

Installation Instructions:

Fresh Install:
  1. Unpack your Dark Souls archive files using UnpackDarkSoulsForModding
  2. Download Enemy Randomizer and place EnemyRandomizer.exe and enemyRandomizerData folder from the .zip file to Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\ (the same folder where DARKSOULS.exe is).
  3. Run the EnemyRandomizer.exe. The first time you launch the program, it will take some time to start up, as it's preparing files for randomization and backing up the originals.
  4. Configure the options and press the Randomize button to randomize the enemies and write the modified data to .msb and .luabnd files (can take about 30 seconds).

If you've used a previous version of the randomizer:
  1. Open the previous version of the randomizer and revert to normal
  2. Delete/Rename EnemyRandomizer.exe the enemyRandomizerData folder of the old version
  3. Copy EnemyRandomizer.exe and enemyRandomizerData folder of the new version to Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\

Restoring normal enemy placement after randomizing:
  • Run the randomizer and press the "Revert to normal" button to restore the original map and script files.

  • HotPocketRemix - bnd file unpacking/repacking implementation, program GUI inspiration
  • Wulf2k - looking at MSBEdit's source code helped me create my implementation of msb editing
  • Meowmaritus - this comment I found describing luagnl and luainfo file formats
  • Metal Crow - fix for the game crashing when trying to load all visual effects at once
  • Lan5432 - helping me test v0.2, providing the best comments about screenshots

Some questions you might have:

Is this mod compatible with HotPocketRemix's Item Randomizer?
> Yes, though items dropped by enemies can definitely be lost, so I would recommend against randomizing Key Item locations.

Is this mod compatible with <Insert mod name here>?
> If the mod changes .msb files (like Prepare to Die Again) or event/(m10_01_00_00.emevd, m13_00_00_00.emevd, m17_00_00_00.emevd) then no. Otherwise it should work.

Does this mod scramble all enemies or places them randomly?
> Enemies are selected totally randomly, so it is entirely possible to see 7 Gwyns and never see any  hollows in a single run.

> Not right now, it's such a mess at the moment... once I manage to clean it up and stuff, then sure, I'll put it on GitHub

Known issues/bugs:
  • If an original enemy has a special initial idle pose(like demonic foliage hiding in the ground or the hollows right at the start of the game), then the replacing enemy is typically in T-Pose, unless they happen to have an animation in the same slot (doesn't affect their behavior though, just looks bad).
  • Cutscenes with replaced enemies look very messed up.
  • If mimic replacement is enabled, then the replacing enemy will not drop the mimic loot (so the loot is lost). The mimic who has the Crest Key is never allowed to be replaced for that reason.
  • Due to what i presume are engine limitations (I think it's related to how many unique models are loaded and active at the same time), I can only have a limited number of unique enemies in a single map, otherwise the game will crash in certain places (Blighttown swamp, Darkroot Garden and Oolacile Township/Chasm of the Abyss from the DLC were the most common ones). That limited amount of unique enemy types can be pretty noticeable, particularly when the enemy size limit is enforced and especially in the DLC as it is a single map file.
  • Crystal Lizards in The Great Hollow are not replaced, as replacing them makes the area super unstable (crashing about 4 out of 5 times) for some reason.
  • Hellkite is missing, probably should change the spawn position (maybe on the bridge).
  • Enemy replacing Undead Dragon in Valley of the Drakes does not believe in the concept of gravity and chooses to disobey the laws of physics instead.
  • Great Felines really want to go somewhere.
  • Easy Asylum setting affects return visit as well.
  • Since several bosses are capable of dealing damage to other bosses/enemies, it is possible that Four Kings will end up killing/severely damaging itself if you have more than one "King" trying to kill you at the same time.
  • Asylum Demon replacer will not jump down from where the fog gate will be, dying/reloading puts the enemy down there.
  • Certain enemies/bosses, when replacing Manus, can respawn upon sitting at a bonfire.

Things I want to improve on:
  • The bugs/issues mentioned above.
  • Play around some more with the unique enemy limit, to find the highest possible value while still keeping the game stable. Perhaps even a different limit for each area.
  • Tweak size values of each spawn point, currently actually a bit low (so bigger enemies could actually fit in certain places where they're not allowed to be placed right now when enemy size limit option is on).
  • Implement the "Random w/ difficulty curve" option.
  • Move BoC parasite out of the tunnel + remove the immortality prior to breaking the "things" on the sides to make it possible to have a normal boss fight there.
  • Anything else that is suggested/fix bugs that are reported.