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Added: 02/04/2017 - 04:44PM
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Last updated at 17:39, 4 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 16:44, 2 Apr 2017

Enemies 2x faster, player character 1.2x faster (both attack and movement).
Cheat Engine required (latest version).
Original, Steam non-beta build of Dark Souls required.

PvE expierience became much, much more challenging, intense and due to player speed change, controls are more responsive. Learn new tacticts to survive - cheesing Black Knights with backstabs? Not this time boi. Stray/Firesage Demon easy ass-beating? Forget about it.

Whole game is manageable to complete with melee-only character, even without over-leveling. I've even recorded every boss fight on my youtube channel ALL BOSSES PLAYLIST

Reccomended melee-only, fresh ng+0 with perma-gravelorded mod enabled. No need to restrict Your character SL to get challenging game.

Compatible with any mod and any cheat table.

Ok, how to start?

1. Download and install Cheat Engine latest version
2. Run game, load or start new game,
3. Minimize game, launch "ADRENALINE MODE.ct" file,
3a. Launch perma-gravelorded hack from Technojacker's table,
4. Get back to game, enjoy,

You can customize Your own game speed too.

Just edit file "ADRENALINE MODE.ct" with any text editor. Go to bottom of file, there should be "<LuaScript>" section. Here:

speedhack_setSpeed(2.0) - "global" speedhack value, "2.0" is a speed multiplier of our opponents,
mr1.Value = 0.6 - "0.6" is a speed multiplier of player character.

So, how it all works?

For example, we want (just like me) enemies 2x faster, player 1.2x faster,
^ 1 is our starting value.
^ We speedhack everything x2 (to get enemies 2x faster), so 1x2=2. It is our "speedhack_setSpeed(2.0)",
^ We want player 1.2x faster. So, if we speedhacked everything x2, our character will be 2x faster too right? So we need to get normal, 1x speed of player : 1/2=0.5. If we set "mr1.Value" to 0.5 we will get enemies 2x faster and our player at vanilla (normal) speed,
^ To get 1.2x faster player, we just 0.5x1.2=0.6. "mr1.Value = 0.6" is the one we were searching for,
^ Save and close file,
^ Now Your own settings will be launched when You start .ct file, You can test how it works before editing files with help of Cheat Engine UI,

#Easy math here boi

Other examples just to see how it works:

Player 1.2x faster, enemies 1.5x faster,
speedhack_setSpeed(1.5) <1x1.5=1.5>
mr1.Value = 0.799999 <1/1.5=0.6666666> <0.6666666x1.2=0.799999>

Player 0.5x slower, enemies 10x faster,
speedhack_setSpeed(10.0) <1x10=10>
mr1.Value = 0.05 <1/10=0.1> <0.1x0.5=0.05>

Player 2x faster, enemies 2x slower,
speedhack_setSpeed(0.5) <1/2=0.5>
mr1.Value = 2 <0.5x2=1> <1x2=2>

* Since mod was published looooooooooong time ago outside nexus, I'm not posting older versions of it - was fully made by me, where character speed was set with "float grabity rate" value of Ring of Favor and Protection. After that, Cheat Engine Forum user named "Phokz" made a Cheat Table where we can set our character speed normally without wearing rings or any other shit. I've just made LuaScript to it which sets choosen speed values automatically.

So credits go to Phokz too - for publishing much more user-friendly Cheat Table.

*Since Cheat Engine website and forum is down, I'm posting links to Cheat Engine software and TechnoJacker's Cheat Table (which is usefull, for example gravelord perma state, ng state etc.):
DOWNLOAD them here

About online:
co-op is possible when every player use table with same settings,
pvp too if every player use table with same settings,
if players have different speed settings try to guess what happens XD