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About this mod

2.012 rebalances the game's existing assets, mostly focusing on changing Effects and weapon AR.

The Playtest versions add numerous spells and weapons into the game. It touches but does not massively revamp PvE. PvP is restricted to other Rekindled users.

Permissions and credits
Check out McJ0hns0n's Alternative Classes mod, it was what inspired me to make this mod! 

This changes certain aspects of the original game that I thought were a little odd, or would be interesting to change.

-Please leave a comment if you would like to make a suggestion, or post in one of the discussions. Feedback is greatly appreciated!-
If you want a singular part of this made into an independent mod, please say so!

There is now a Discord Server for this mod at this link! It is free to join, but please do not flood the channels.


This mod is not being actively updated.

It is not abandoned, and development will continue at some point. Unfortunately, I have been sick for a long time and working on this mod has been nearly impossible. Progress will be glacial.

The Changelog for the Playtest Version is vast enough to require a wiki. Newcomers will find expanded shop inventories and a few item location changes. Petrus holds most new items.

=Total Changes=

The changelog itself will be updated more frequently, so check there for recent activity.
Last updated for version 2.11. If a newer version is present, look for the change log.

Gifts - 
-White Seance Ring
-10 Black Firebombs
-Twin Humanities
-3 Divine Blessings
-Master Key
-Tiny Being's Ring
-Old Witch's Ring

Starting Classes -

All new classes are SL1. Note that this does make the early portions of the game a little harder.

The classes themselves do not trigger PvP Watchdog but anything with any new abilities (Pharis Hat, for instance) or can't be upgraded normally (Crystal Armor+5/Eastern Armor +10) will trigger it.

-Class: Vitality/Attunement/Endurance/Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Faith/Resistance

-Armsman(Warrior): 10/9/11/12/12/9/9/10; Broadsword/Warrior’s Shield, Hard Leather Set

-Knight: 12/10/11/10/10/8/11/9; Longsword and Tower Kite Shield, Knight Set

-Explorer(Wanderer): 10/11/10/11/12/10/8/11; Scimitar and Leather Shield, Black Leather armor

-Loner(Thief): 10/12/9/9/12/10/10/10; bandit's Knife and Target Shield, Wanderer Set

-Brute(Bandit): 12/9/12/13/8/9/9/12; Battle Axe, Wooden Shield, Brigand Set

-Peasant(Hunter) 10/9/12/10/13/9/9/10; Falchion, Shortbow with Standard Arrows, Leather Shield, Leather Set minus Pharis's Hat

-Scholar(Sorcerer): 9/13/8/9/11/14/8/8; Short Sword and Small Leather Shield, Sorcerer's Catalyst, Magic Shield and Soul Arrow, Sorcerer Set

-Highwayman(Pyromancer): 11/12/10/11/10/10/8/12; Spear, Spider Shield, Tattered Cloth Set, Pyromancy Flame, Combustion and Fireball

-Monk(Cleric): 9/12/9/12/8/8/14/10; Mace, East-West Shield, Canvas Talisman, Heal and Force, Holy Set minus Priest's Hat

-Deprived: 11/10/11/10/10/10/10/13; Club, Cracked Round Shield. Naked.

All changes to stats are to BASE STATS. Multiply by 1.55 for Twinkling sets and 2.4 for ordinary sets.
Unique effects are NOT affected by upgrade level!

-Swapped Giant's Set Fire and Lightning Resist, decreased Bleed resist and added Curse resist
-Increased Golem Set's Physical Defense, offers best in game (290 total, +56 across pieces). The Golem Helm causes headshots taken to deal no damage.
-Increased Artorias, Brass, Favor sets' physical defense to be slightly less than that of the Knight set.
-Swapped Artorias's Set's Fire and Magic resist, now Magic Resist is very high while Fire is low.
-Increased Great Lord's set's Lightning and Curse Resist. It also offers 31 Poise
-Witch Set has 23 Poise and increased Curse Resistance
-Increased Channeler Set's Magic resistance, 165 from 103 total (+62)
-Increased Havel's Set's Magic Resistance, 213 from 142 (+71)
-Increased Ornstein's Set's Lightning Resistance, 140 from 96 (+44)
-The Hard Leather Set now gives 24 Poise and slightly more Lightning Resistance.
-The Wanderer Set has halved Fire Defense (34 base), no Slash bonus, and -2 base Thrust defense on all pieces. It remains extremely efficient otherwise.
-The Crystalline Set can now be reinforced with Twinkling Titanite, but only has 15 Durability.
-The Moonlight Set can now be reinforced with Twinkling Titanite.
-The Zena Set is now upgradeable with ordinary Titanite. Defense values have been lowered to compensate (Base phys. defense on helm reduced by 6, and chest piece has -9 Magic, -11 Fire, -5 Lightning, and -10 phys. Defence) All pieces' Thrust defense have been reduced by 2 and the weight of the whole set has been reduced slightly (-2 total)
-The Zena Set now gives special effects with each piece. Helm of the Wise gives one Attunement Slot, the Armor of the Glorious gives the Gold Serpent Ring effect, the Gauntlets of the Vanquisher give the Silver Serpent Ring effect, and the Boots of the Explorer give the Rusted Iron Ring effect.
-Increased the physical defense of the Shadow Set, gives 132 normal Defense when fully upgraded. Armor bonus in Strike moved to Slash.
-The Eastern Set now upgrades with ordinary Titanite. The helmet has -3 base physical defense and the armor has -5 phys. defence.
-The Set of Thorns now deals double its previous damage (110 -> 220)
-The Crown of Dusk now cuts ALL ordinary defenses by 30%, not just Magic defense.
-The Crown of the Dark Sun now also gives +20 Bow Range
-The Hat of Pharis now gives 30 Bow Range and decreases detection range by 10%
-The Maiden, Dingy, Holy, Cleric, Elite Cleric, Brass, and Paladin sets increases healing by roughly 2.5% per piece (may round down to 2)
-The Stone Set increases stamina regeneration at low health - 10 Stamina/sec per piece.
-The Set of Favor increases stamina regeneration (3/sec per piece)
-The Crown of the Great Lord grants one attunement slot, 20% bonus Lightning damage with spells, and 10% more souls on kill.
-The Fang Boar Helm deals damage identical to the Helm of Thorns when rolling/falling/etc
-The Dark Mask increases all physical damage dealt by 5%
-The Six-Eyed Helm of the Channelers increases spell damage by 10% (physical/magical damage only)
-The Mask of the Sealer decreases detection range by 20% and increases Curse Resistance by 30%
-Any piece of the Guardian Set increases stamina damage done to blocking targets by 10%
-The Mask of the Father now increases equip burden by 10% (previously 5%)
-Increased physical defenses for Stone and Guardian set to 270 (matches Smough's armor physically) and increased Havel's set to match the Giant's set, fully upgraded.
-The Sack increases healing by 2.5%, and has its Lightning and Fire defense swapped.
-The Balder Armor and Leggings weigh about 2 units less each. Thrust defense on the armor has been reduced by 6, base (14 final)
-The Set of Thorns, Set of Favor, Catarina Set, and Hard Leather Set (not including Standard Helm) have -5 Thrust defense per piece.
-Decreased the weight of the Hollow Warrior Armor and Hollow Soldier Armor by one unit each.
-The Silver Knight Set has 20% increased Lightning defense, making it among the best Lightning-resistant armor in the game. Reduced Fire defense to be slightly inferior to Magic defense.
-Decreased the weight of several light armor pieces
-Granted Poise to every piece of armor in the game that previously had missing Poise. The most any piece got was 10 (Xanthous Crown) and the most any set not mentioned above got was 17 (most had roughly 10)
-The Dragon Head Stone transformation now gives 5 Poise, increases all defenses besides Lightning by 10, and increases all aux. resistances by 10%.
-The Dragon Torso Stone transformation now gives 16 Poise, increases all non-Lightning defenses by 50%. and increases all aux. resistances by 80%.

General Upgrades/Changes

-The Raw upgrade path now maxes out at 3.5*base damage but removes scaling entirely. It deals the full stamina damage of any other max upgrade weapon. Its improvement is not linear. It requires 6 Large Titanite Shards and 6 Titanite Chunks to fully upgrade.
-All Shields get roughly the same damage out of upgrades as weapons get, and Divine shields get the magic block boost that Magic shields get.
-All Crystal upgrades can be repaired, but have very low durability (1/20th of ordinary durability, or 5%)
-All weapons with a Strength requirement above 20 have had the difference between the requirement and 20 halved. What previously required 30 Strength requires 25, what required 40, 30, and so on until Smough's Hammer which has the highest Strength requirement of 39. Greatbows are not affected.
-Most elemental upgrades get a unique effect based upon their path. Magic, Enchanted, and Occult weapons get Magic defense, Fire and Lightning grant their respective defenses, and Divine slowly regenerates HP. Some Twinkling weapons have these effects.
-Elemental upgrade paths have had their damage values changed. They generally deal more damage or have been left untouched. This does not include Bows, yet.
-Divine has the highest physical damage of the elemental upgrades, but has poor Faith scaling, being beaten by Occult.
-Enchanted is now an unscaling elemental path, dealing damage identical to Lightning.
-Upgrade information has been linearized, making low-level upgrades more damaging along elemental paths. Fire paths no longer suffer reduced AR compared to Lightning.
-All weapons hit their soft caps at 40, for any stat. Previously Magic/Divine ascended weapons capped at 50.
-Counter attacks now make the target weak to Magic as well as Thrust damage (10%). Sorceries, but not Miracles, can also benefit from the Leo Ring. Note that some enemies do not have counter frames at all.

Axes + Greataxes

-The Golem Axe now requires 21 Strength and weighs 8.5 units.
-The Crescent Axe now has 50% Strength scaling, up from 24%.
-The Butcher's Knife now requires 20 Strength and weighs 8 units. It also restores 20 HP per hit. Its R2's now deal 56/70 poise damage for 1h/2h respectively
-The Demon Greataxe deals 25% extra stamina damage to shields.
-The Stone Greataxe now has increased base damage (217); it roughly matches the Black Knight Greataxe in AR

Straight Swords + Greatswords

-The Broken Straight Sword deals ordinary Poise damage. (Used to deal 1-1.5)
-The Astora's Straight Sword now has 102% Faith scaling and 100 physical base damage.
-The Silver Knight Straight Sword weighs 5 units (requiring 14 strength) and now has a Strength scaling of 20, up from 8.
-The Great Lord Greatsword now deals Fire damage, base damage 271 phys/150 fire fully upgraded, with 60% scalings in both Strength and Dexterity. It also visually sets itself on fire (not if in left hand)
-The Straight Sword Hilt has varying movesets based on upgrade path. It is still useless damagewise.
-The Sunlight Straight Sword has a 110 Divine modifier on all upgrade paths, with a 130 modifier on its Divine path.
-The Darksword mirrors the Sunlight Straight Sword but with the Occult effect.
-The Bastard Sword now weighs 5 units and requires 14 Strength.
-The Stone Greatsword now scales 95% Strength, 10% Dexterity, and 20% Faith. It deals 20% bonus damage to Abyssal enemies. It weighs 12 units and has a 24 Strength requirement.
-The Abyss Greatsword no longer has a Faith or Intelligence requirement. It also gives the Abysswalking effect, allowing the Chosen Undead to spare Sif, the Great Gray Wolf.
-The Blessed Greatsword of Artorias no longer has a Faith or Intelligence requirement and its effect against Abyssal foes has increased to 50% bonus damage.
-The "Greatsword" is now the "Berenike Greatsword" and deals extra Poise damage (base 60, from 50)
-The Demon Great Machete deals +25% stamina damage to shields.
-The Cursed Greatsword of Artorias no longer has a Faith or Intelligence requirement and has a 140 Occult modifier.
-The Crystal Greatsword and Crystal Straight Sword can now be repaired but at extreme cost, and they have only 10 durability. They can also be reinforced with Twinkling TItanite, putting their damage output at roughly +15 weapons of the same class. The Greatsword has a base damage of 230 unupgraded and the Straight Sword has a base damage of 173 unupgraded. Both have 34/34% scalings.
-The Crystal Greatsword now has the Claymore moveset. Note that it is still very short.

Hammers + Great Hammers

-The Mace - Now weighs 3.5 units. Strength requirement unchanged.
-The Club now upgrades like other weapons. It no longer deals decreased Poise damage.
-The Morning Star now deals better damage, inferior to the Mace in all regards but its Bleed buildup.
-Vamos's Hammer now deals more Fire damage, 225 upgraded.
-Smough's Hammer now has 10 more base damage and heals for 30 HP per hit.
-The Dragon's Tooth now has 50% Strength Scaling, up from 35%. It also deals 10 more base Poise Damage.
-The Demon's Great Hammer now has 145 base damage and deals 25% extra stamina damage to shields.
-The Large Club now causes 50 poison buildup, up from 30.

Thrusting Swords, Spears, Halberds

-All Halberds now deal unified damage types; most Halberds including the Scythe deal Normal damage while the ordinary Halberd is the only that deals Thrust damage. The Lucerne deals pure Strike damage.
-Poise and Stamina drain on all Halberds have been increased. Most deal 25 (+25%) and a few deal 30 (BKH, Giant's, Lucerne). This does NOT affect the Scythes.
-The Lucerne deals significant stamina damage to shields.
-The Giant's Halberd now has a 30% Faith scaling and deals Poise damage equal to the Black Knight Halberd (+50%). It also swings slightly slower.
-The Scythe is now the Bardiche.
-The Black Knight Halberd is now the Black Knight Glaive.
-The Spear weighs three units and requires only 10 strength.
-Swapped Strength and Dexterity scalings on both the Estoc and the Pike
-The Pike now also deals increased Poise damage on its strong attacks (30/40) and has slightly increased damage on its running attacks. 
-Swapped the movesets on the Estoc and Rapier.
-Thrusting Swords deal increased Poise damage - the Mail Breaker has 10 base Poise damage, Ricard's, Velka's, and the plain Rapier deal 15 base, and the Estoc deals 20 base Poise damage.
-Ricard's Rapier now scales 95% DEX.
-The Channeller Trident now gives the Six-Eyed Helm effect and 10 Magic defense.
-The Demon Spear now swings slightly slower and weighs 8 units (20 requirement).
-Increased the Dragonslayer Spear's Strength scaling to match the Dexterity scaling (60% -> 100%)
-The Moonlight Butterfly Horn now has 120% Intelligence scaling, up from 100%.
-Increased the Mail Breaker's damage on ordinary attacks (67 base with same scalings)

Curved Swords and Greatswords

-The Server now heals for 15 HP per hit, deals 30 base Poise damage, and weighs only 9 units (21 requirement)
-The Jagged Ghost Blade deals 33 Bleed buildup per hit and can be buffed.
-The Murakumo deals reduced stamina damage to blocking targets (20 base)


-The Ghost Blade deals 30 Bleed buildup per hit and scales 40/40% with Strength and Dex for a roughly average damage output. It can be buffed.
-The Dagger class of weapons now has increased Poise damage - Base 8 for the Dagger and Parrying Dagger, 10 for the Ghost Blade and Priscilla's Dagger, and 12 for the Bandit's Knife.
-The Dark Silver Tracer deals Toxic damage on all of its attacks, not just its R2's. R2's do not deal increased Toxic buildup.


-The Dark Hand's strong attack now ignores shields. The Dark Hand is more powerful as a shield (40 Stability and light deflection) and has 20 base physical damage with 200 base Magic damage, scaling 50% with Faith and Intelligence. The Dark Hand's grab attack can now be executed while held in the left hand.
-The Dragon Bone Fist now has 115 base damage, and scales up to 420 AR at 99 Strength. It deals 40 base Poise damage, up to 80 on the strong attack. It also only weighs 6 units and requires 16 Strength.

Bows and Crossbows

-The Darkmoon Bow deals slightly better damage (+10 base Magic Damage, 85/85 to 85/95) and has a 130 Divine modifier.
-The Sniper Crossbow now uses arrows and can zoom in like a bow. However, it fires when zooming in. It also requires 11 Strength (behavior is odd) and only weighs 6 units.


-The Skull Lantern has a 100% Intelligence scaling and 150 Fire damage (300 at 99 INT). This is absolutely vital to your Dark Souls experience.
-Catalysts now deal Magic damage and have auxiliary effects. The Divine and Occult modifiers only affect catalyst bashes.

Critical Ratings

-Bandit's Knife and the Dagger have their critical ratings swapped, making the Dagger have the highest critical damage apart from the Dark Silver Tracer
-All Halberds have 95 Critical Rating
-Both the Great Scythe and the Lifehunt Scythe have 85 Critical Rating
-The Hand Axe, Short Sword, Pickaxe, Warpick, Zweihander, Partizan, and Painting Guardian Sword have 105 Critical Rating
-The Man-Serpent Greatsword and all Lugged Spears (Winged, Silver Knight, Dragonslayer, Channeler's Trident) have 95 Critical Rating


-Shield bashing in the left hand deals double the shield's base Poise damage (40/60/100 based on size) and can break an opponent's guard easily.
-Divine shields get the magic block boost that Magic shields get.
-Shield damage has been generally improved. All shields have 70% Strength scaling besides the Pierce and Spiked shields.
-Elemental shields now get half the Stability boost standard shields get (10% boost at full upgrade level)
-The Pierce and Spike shields get 95/90 base damage to make them still a little better than other shields.
-The Pierce Shield is now the only shield to deal Thrust damage and the only shield with its own moveset.
-Sanctus now restores 1% HP every 2 seconds while under 15% health, as well as 5HP/2 seconds.
-The Crystal Ring Shield now has 150(225 upgraded) base Magic damage, 50% Intelligence scaling, 90/95/40/40% damage reduction and 50 Stability.
-The Silver Knight Shield now only blocks 50% fire damage, and has 2 less stability (62 base, 72 max, same as Black Knight Shield)
-The Hollow Soldier Shield now weighs only 2.5 units.
-The Knight Shield now weighs 3.5 units, blocks 60% magic damage, 45% Fire, 50% Lightning.
-The Warrior Round Shield now blocks 90% physical damage
-The Caduceus Round Shield now blocks 75% magic damage
-The Red and White Round Shield now blocks 75% Lightning damage
-The Plank Shield now blocks Poison and Toxic buildup like the Spider Shield, 90% of physical damage (up from 75%), and deals 50 Poison buildup per hit (identical effect to Large Club).
-The Crystal Shield now has 30 Durability but can be repaired (at quite the cost) or upgraded using Twinkling Titanite.
-The Spiked Shield now has 53 Stability
-The Pierce Shield now has 57 Stability
-The Spiked, Pierce, and Bonewheel Shields now get Stability through upgrades.
-The Sunlight Shield now blocks 75% Lightning damage but only 20% Magic damage
-The Gargoyle Shield now has 90 base damage and 59 base Stability, upgrading up to 71 Stability. It also gives the Gargoyle Halberd's resistance effect, which stacks. It now blocks 95% physical damage but only 50% of Fire damage.
-The Balder Shield now blocks 70% of Fire damage.
-The Plank, Gargoyle, Balder, Black Knight and Silver Knight Shield now have the bashing moveset.
-Medium shields now deal 30 base poise damage, and Greatshields deal 50.


-Transient Curse now has an icon, identical to Grass Crest/Sanctus/Replenishment. It grants 25 physical defense and lasts 10 minutes.
-Throwing Knives now have 150 base Thrust damage, from 100.
-Repair Powder, Prism Stones, Green Blossoms, Resins, ordinary Firebombs, and ordinary Throwing Knives can now be carried in stacks of 999.
-Charcoal Pine Resin now adds 150 Fire damage.
-Transient Curses boost physical defense by 25 while active.
-Added a new Sunlight Pendant which allows Princess Guard covenant members to cast Bountiful Sunlight at will. Granted upon joining the covenant. May be glitched atm, and will be added to Silver Knights as a rare drop in case of emergency.


-All Sorceries with an intelligence requirement above 30 have had the difference between their requirement and 30 halved, making the highest requirement 40 Intelligence. This does not affect Catalysts.
-The Tin Banishment Catalyst now has 20% Strength scaling
-The Demon's Catalyst has 50% Strength scaling (up from 34%) as well as 110% Intelligence scaling (+10%)
-Oolacile Ivory Catalyst now gives 165 MagAdjust and only requires 10 Intelligence.
-Oolacile Catalyst now gives 165 MagAdjust.
-Crystal Sorceries now take up 2 Attunement slots, except for White Dragon Breath.
-White Dragon Breath now casts like a Soul Arrow (very quickly!)
-Both Heavy Soul Arrows and Dark Orb deal much more stamina damage to blocking opponents.
-Dark Bead requires 20 Intelligence deals much less stamina damage to blocking opponents (60% of original value)
-Soul Spear now deals 2.8*MagAdjust, down from 3, and also has the slower cast animation of Heavy Soul Arrow
-Crystal Soul Spear now deals 3.2*MagAdjust, down from 3.6, and also has the slower cast animation of Heavy Soul Arrow
-Both Soul Spears penetrate shields. They no longer do Stamina damage to shields.
-Oolacile Sorceries have changed Intelligence requirements. Cast Light - 8 INT, Chameleon - 10 INT, Repair - 12 INT, Hidden Weapon - 14 INT, Hidden Body - 16
-Repair gets 3 casts, each repairing 50 Durability each. Meant to be used with the fragile Crystal equipment.
-Resist Curse now multiplies base Curse Resistance by 6 for five minutes.
-Magic Shield now gets 15 casts and lasts 20 seconds. It also increases the shield's physical damage block to 100%.
-Great Magic Shield now gets 8 casts and lasts 20 seconds.
-The Sorcerer's Catalyst, Darkmoon Catalyst, Beatrice's Catalyst deal 100 base Magic damage on bashes, and Logan's Catalyst deals 120 base magic damage. The magic damage scales with Intelligence. The Darkmoon Catalyst has a 150 Divine modifier and Beatrice's Catalyst has 150 Occult, but this does not affect spells.
-The Oolacile Catalyst attacks with the same Poison the Large Club does (50 Buildup/hit)
-Catalyst attacks now deal increased poise damage - Most catalysts have 10 base poise damage, the Tin Banishment and Tin Crystal. Catalyst have 20, and the Demon Catalyst has 30. the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and Manus Catalyst have not been changed.


-Izalith Catalyst now casts Pyromancies and Sorceries and deals 100 base Fire damage (scales with Intelligence) and 10 base Poise damage.
-Demon's Catalyst can also cast Pyromancies and Sorceries. Its scaling will be changed.
-Acid Surge now deals a small amount of damage alongside dealing 15 durability damage per 0.8 seconds, and deals 90 durability damage total instead of 8.
-Undead Rapport now lasts 30 minutes but doubles the Fire damage the charmed Undead takes. It also now has a fair (invisible) range. Note that charmed Undead will still finish all attack animations and can still hit you once charmed, though they will not do so intentionally.
-Iron Flesh now has the total effects of reducing Fire and Physical Damage by 40%, amplifying Lightning damage taken by 45%, and increasing Fire and Physical Defense by 20%.
-Flash Sweat now blocks 70% of fire damage and increases Poison and Toxic resist by 50%.
-Power Within now causes the user to deal 50% extra stamina damage to blocking targets. It also has the proper icon (sword instead of shield)
-Firestorm-style spells can now hit bosses more than once. This can result in an instant kill against large bosses.


-All Miracles with a Faith requirement above 30 have had the difference between their requirement and 30 halved, making the highest requirement 40 Faith. This does not affect Catalysts.
-Homeward, Seek Guidance, all Healing Miracles, and all Force miracles now project Resonance Rings to other worlds. (No miracles benefit from Synergy that didn't already before)
-Heal and Force now both only require 10 Faith.
-Seek Guidance only requires 8 Faith and has 30 casts.
-Gravelord Sword Dance and the Gravelord Greatsword Dance inflict the same Toxic that the Gravelord Sword inflicts. They can also strike large targets more than once.
-Emit Force only requires 16 Faith and has 10 casts, and is generally more likely to hit with an increased blast radius and range.
-Vow of Silence now only requires 22 Faith, has 4 casts, and lasts 60 seconds.
-Great Heal now only requires 20 Faith.
-Sunlight Spear now has 10 casts.
-Both Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight no longer require membership in the Princess Guard covenant.
-Bountiful Sunlight now only requires 32 Faith.
-Replenishment and Bountiful Sunlight now heal for 10 HP/s over 75 seconds. Resonance increases HP/s by 2 and duration by 15 seconds.
-Soothing Sunlight now only requires 36 Faith and heals for a little more than Great Heal (8.5*MagAdjust without synergy)
-Force now has a much larger blast radius while Wrath of the Gods has a slightly smaller one, so they have the same radius
-New miracle: Escape Death. Originally cut from the game, it requires 4 attunement slots, 25 of both Faith and Intelligence, and is sold by Oswald for 90,000 Souls. When cast, it adds the Rare Ring of Sacrifice effect to your character until you die (unlimited duration). It counts as a personal buff and does not stack with other buffs.
-Karmic Justice now deals 200/300 magic/Physical damage, lasts 45 seconds, and heals you for 25% of your max HP when activated. It decreases damage taken by 20% for Physical, 30% for Magic, and 10% for Fire/Lightning, but also decreases damage dealt by 15% (30% for Magic).
-Magic Barrier now blocks 50% of magic damage.
-Both Magic Barriers now last 60 seconds.
-The Silver and Sunlight Talismans increase Lightning damage dealt with spells 10%. The bonus does not stack between them.
-The Ivory Talisman increases healing done to the user 10% while held.
-The Canvas, Ivory, and Velka's Talisman now has 100 base magic damage, the Silver Talisman has 75 base Magic and Lightning damage, the Sunlight Talisman has 100 base Lightning damage, and the Darkmoon Talisman gets 120 base magic damage. Both Magic and Lightning Damage scale normally. The Canvas, Silver, and Darkmoon Talismans have Divine modifiers (120/120/150) while Velka's Talisman gets 150 Occult.


-Tiny Being's Ring now boosts HP by 20%. Stacks additively with the Ring of Favor.
-Blue Tearstone Ring now activates at 30% HP and halves bleed damage when active. Also grants a flat +50 defense while active.
-The Hawk Ring now gives +200 Bow Range instead of +65.
-Dusk Crown Ring only cuts HP by 20%.
-The Ring of the Evil Eye now heals for 50 HP and grants 20 souls per proc.
-The Seance Rings now grant 2 Attunement slots each.
-The White Seance Ring increases healing by 10%.
-The Darkmoon Seance Ring increases physical and magic defense by 25.
-The Ring of the Sun Princess regenerates HP slowly, 1/sec.
-The Chloranthy Ring now also boosts maximum Stamina by 20%.
-The Cat Covenant Ring now causes the user to deal 50% extra stamina damage to blocking targets, and gives one attunement slot.
-The Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring now grants 1 attunement slot and 25 Magic and Physical Defense.
-The Old Witch's Ring boosts Pyromancy by 20% and grants one Attunement Slot.
-The Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring no longer affects Lightning or Fire damage. It no longer affects Pyromancy.
-The Poisonbite Ring now also affects Toxic, increasing your Toxic resistance to match Poison resistance.
-The Bloodbite Ring now also cuts bleed damage by 10%.
-The Dark Wood Grain Ring now cuts defenses by 20%.
-The Leo Ring boosts all damage by 40% on counter attacks. Sorceries (besides White Dragon Breath) may be able to gain the bonus damage as well. The original attack has to be a thrust-type attack physically but can deal any type of damage (The Moonlight Butterfly Horn works but the Moonlight Greatsword does not)
-The Orange Charred Ring now deals more Fire damage (80->150, same as Charcoal Pine Resin) and deals a single point of physical damage.
-All Stoneplate rings (and the Ring of Steel Protection) decreases respective damage taken by 10% on top of the defense boost. The Speckled Stoneplate Ring cuts Magic, Lightning, and Fire damage by 2.5%.
-The Rusted Iron Ring (And Boots of the Explorer) slightly cut aggro range (10%). Stacking behavior not known.
-The Calamity Ring greatly increases visual aggro range (10x). Note that enemies can only see you from farther, and will not attack you from farther away. This causes Pursuers and Homing Soulmasses to launch towards you at a much greater distance, possibly outside their range.

Item Drops
-Note: Most of these changes are purely additional. If an enemy drops something and it was not explicitly stated that it was removed, assume it still drops it.

-Crag Spiders now drop Charcoal and Rotten Pine Resin at a base 5% chance each
-Slimes now drop 2 of any of these three: Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard, Titanite Shard. General drop rate increased.
-Darkwraiths drop Chunks and Slabs (1%) more frequently and can drop Red Eye Orbs as well (9%). The Dark Hand drops at a 2% chance.
-Crystal Butterflies, Pinwheel Servants, and Chaos Eaters now drop Titanite at an increased rate (35% chunk, 10% 2 chunks, 5% slab chance)
-Chaos Eaters no longer drop 2 White Titanite Chunks, they instead drop Red Titanite Chunks like they should.
-Passive Hollows by the New Londo Ruins drop Transient Curses with a base 10% chance.
-The Ghouls of Blighttown now drop 1. possibly reinforced Broken Straight Swords, 2. The Winged Spear at about a base 1/1000 chance
3. Various Souls (up to 2000 solid souls) or Humanity (10% chance total, 1% for Humanity)
-Banshees - The Ghost Blade (Not the Jagged Ghost Blade) now has a 5% chance to drop, up from 1%
-Channelers now drop their Trident with a base 30% chance, up from 1%
-The Lost Izalith Titanite Demon now has a 50% chance to drop his Catch Pole.
-All Titanite Demons will drop varying types of titanite, including Slabs, whenever they do not drop a Catch Pole. Titanite Demons still drop the same amount of Demon Titanite. Note that while this does include the Lost Izalith Titanite Demon, it has the worst drop rate of a meager 1%.
-Hollow Archers, Undead Soldier Crossbowmen, Skeleton Archers, Giant Skeleton Archers, and the crossbow-wielding Balder Knights now drop their ammunition in bunches of 3 with a base chance of 10%. Giant Skeleton Archers drop Heavy Arrows.
-Undead Assassins drop Copper Coins (6%)
-Royal Sentinels now have a very small chance to drop a Divine Blessing
-Black Knights in Lordran will ALWAYS drop their respective weapon, except for the Tomb of the Giants Knight who drops his shield.
-Black Knights in the Undead Asylum always drop their Swords or Shields, split evenly
-All of the following now drop their items on the ground, so that they are not as easily lost: Darkwraiths, all types of Skeletons, Rats, Man-Serpents, Crow Demons, Frog-Rays, Leeches, and Cragspiders.
-Changed Forest Hunter rewards: 10% - Twinkling Titanite, Titanite Chunk Chunk, 2 Blooming Purple Moss Clump, 20% - 5 Green Blossom, 3 Lloyd's Talismans, 10 Poison Throwing Knives, 5% - 1 Humanity or 5000 solid Souls. Percent chance is for each drop, totaling 100%.
-Possessed Trees now drop a Club (20% chance), a Great Club (5% chance), or 2 of any Moss Clump type (25% chance each)
-Giant Skeletons now drop the Murakumo at a base 5% chance.
-Necromancers now drop the Skull Lantern at a base 10% chance.
-Infested Barbarians drop the Large Club at a base 5% chance.
-Chaos Bugs drop both Red Titanite Chunks and Sunlight Medals at a 15% and 5% chance, respectively.
-The Silver Knight weapons now drop at a 3% chance, the shield drops at a base 2% chance, and the Silver Talisman drops at a base 1% chance from all Knights. The Archers can drop 10 arrows at once instead of 3 (3% chance).
-The empty chest in the Darkmoon Tomb now bears the Ring of the Sun Princess instead of being empty.
-The chest full of Prism Stones at the end of the Duke's Archives now has 50 stones instead of 20.
-The Phalanx drop their Spears and Large Leather Shields at +10 and also drop the Iron Round Shield at a 1% chance.
-Crow Demons drop Souvenirs of Reprisal at a 15% chance.
-Crystal Golems drop Green Titanite Shards and drop Shards more frequently (20% chance total, 15%/5%)
-Wyverns in the Valley of the Drakes now drop Dragon Scales at a 15% chance.

Specific Attacks

-The Egghead Attack now deals 350 Thrust damage, 400 Poise damage, and knocks the target down (PvE or against other modders).
-Left-handed Fist attacks now deal damage identical to an R1.
-The Crystal Ring Shield's projectile attack now penetrates terrain and enemies.
-The Dragon Head Stone flame breath now deals 150/175/200/250 per hit, based on covenant rank.
-Velka's Rapier's followup R2 attacks are significantly more powerful instead of being the rapier's weakest attacks.


-Domhnall sells infinite Gold Pine Resin
Large and Green Titanite Shards are sold at greatly reduced prices (3000 at Crestfallen, 2400 at Giant)
-Fire and Poison arrows sold by the Undead Female Merchant are now cheaper (50 souls each) and Moonlight and Dragonslayer arrows are cheaper (250 each)
-Petrus of Thorolund can give you a Gold or Silver coin instead, and sells his Miracles for at least half off.
-The Bite Rings sold by Oswald are now half off.
-The Female Undead Merchant sells Resins at around half off.
-Domhnall of Zena's armor set is very, very expensive to offset its useful effects.
-Non-boss Souls can be sold for their appropriate value, with the smallest two souls still selling for 500.
-Domhnall of Zena now sells Feather Arrows and Sniper Bolts instead of Wooden Arrows and Wooden Bolts.
-Vamos now sells Fire Arrows instead of Wooden Arrows
-Patches now sells unlimited Divine Blessings
-Chester now sells Poison Arrows instead of Wooden Arrows
-Greatly increased sell price for upgrade materials. Titanite Shards are 100 Souls, Large and Green Shards are 300, Any Chunk is 1000, and any Slab is 10000. Demon Titanite and Dragon Scales go for 5000, Twinkling Titanite goes for 4000.
-Increased the sell prices for covenant items (2000 for each: Sunlight Medal, Souvenir of Reprisal, Eye of Death)
-The Undead Male Merchant now sells the Red and White Round Shield instead of the Warrior's Round Shield

Debuffs/Buffs/Covenant Effects

-Note: Any change to an existing effect (Poison, toxic, even bleed and even just buildup of these) will only effect the user and parts of his world, giving no advantage in PvP.
-Chaos Servants can use the Red Eye Orb if they have acquired it
-The Red Sign Soapstone can be used while Hollow
-All Poison sources decrease Stamina regeneration by 15/second.
-All Toxic sources halve healing.
-The following weapons are now buffable - Silver Knight Straight Sword and Spear, both Ghost Blades, all Black Knight weapons, Priscilla's Dagger.
-The Lloyd's Talisman now lasts 45 seconds.
-Darkmoon Blade gets an additional 5 second duration with every level in the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant, up to 75 seconds.
-The Dragon Torso Stone damage buff lasts an additional second for every rank in the Path of the Dragon covenant, up to 8 seconds.
-Transient Curses increase physical defense by 25 while active.
-Poison Mist reduces damage by 10%
-Rotten Pine Resin decreases defenses by 15%.
-Toxic Mist, Dark Fog and toxic from the Dark Silver Tracer decrease defenses by 20%.
-Dung Pies reduce damage dealt by 20%
-The Gravelord Sword deals 1% HP + 5 damage per second. This works normally against bosses. It also deals 40 buildup per hit.
-The Large Club, Plank Shield, and Oolacile Catalyst's poison now decreases damage dealt by 10% and reduce Poise by 20.
-Poison Arrows decrease defenses by 10% and significantly increase the range at which the player can lock on to afflicted enemies (needs confirmation)
-Poison from swamps (Lost Izalith/Blighttown) decreases damage dealt by 5%


-Ghosts have 0 defenses (males only) and should be weak to Divine
-Blowdart Snipers only deal 45 toxic buildup.
-Serpent Mages' lightning attacks now actually deal Lightning damage, as their visuals suggest.
-All Skeletons have halved Magic Resistance, besides Nito and Vamos.
-Reduced Possessed Trees' Bleed resistance.
-Fang Boars aka Armored Tusks are no longer immune to Poison (have only 75 resistances)
-Undead Dragons now have much less Poison and Toxic resistance (150)
-Made the Daughter of Chaos in the Lost Izalith hold an Izalith Catalyst. She deals greatly increased damage, as she has 57 Intelligence.
-The Masses of Souls in the drained New Londo area are weak to Thrust and Slash.
-Hydras are slightly weak to Thrust
-Giant Sentinels no longer deal damage in an AoE when they perform a shield slam attack.
-Crystal Golems are now also weak to Thrust. Golden Crystal Golems are now resistant to Lightning but are no longer almost immune to Magic (slightly higher mag/lightning defenses than ordinary Golems' Magic defense)
-Prowling Demons are weak to Strike, Thrust, and Fire, but resistant to Slash, Magic, and especially Lightning (almost immune). They are also weak to Demon.
-Crow Demons are now weak to Thrust.
-Darkwraiths are weak to Strike and especially Thrust.
-Demonic Foliage is weak to Slash but resistant to Strike and Thrust.
-Note that all above weaknesses/resistances are simply new changes, and that previously existing weaknesses are unchanged unless stated otherwise (Demonic Foliage was previously weak to Thrust, is now resistant. Crow Demons are still weak to Slash.)
-All Demons (Capra, Taurus, Winged) are now weak to Slash. Capra and Taurus Demons resist Strike.
-Demonic Statues are now weak to Strike, Thrust, and Lightning, but resist Slash.
-Black Knights greatly resist Fire and Slash damage, but are slightly weak to Lightning, Strike, and Thrust. Their Bleed resist is now 145.
-Silver Knights have similar defenses to the Black Knights but resist Lightning and are weak to Fire.
-Enemy Channeller buff power reduced from +85% damage to +40% to match the player's Trident buff.
-Many enemies are now weak to Occult/Divine/Demon/Abyssal effects. 
-Most enemies in the DLC are weak to Abyssal modifiers, minus the Chained Prisoner.
-Most Oolacile enemies (Scarecrows, Guardians and their Darkroot counterparts) are weak to Occult.


-The Hellkite Drake (technically a wyvern) now has reduced Lightning and Thrust defense but increased Slash defense. It now has 150 resistance to both Poison and Toxic and standard bleed reduction.
-The Sanctuary Guardian now deals 50 Poison buildup on tail attacks, down from 117. It also has lower magic defense and is weak to Occult.
-All Gargoyles are now weak to Strike and resistant to Slash. They are also weak to Occult.
-The Gaping Dragon now has 200 Toxic resist with 240 Bleed resist with Bleed damage reduction. It resists Slash more but is weaker to Thrust. Hitting his head now deals double damage instead of 50% increased damage.
-Quelaag now has 300/175/150 resistances with Bleed damage reduction. She is weak to Slash but resists Strike. She is now weak to Demon.
-The Iron Golem's defence against Slash has been raised while his Strike defense has been lowered. Its wind blast attack now deals Physical damage.
-Seath now has 300 Poison, 300 Toxic, and 300 Bleed resist with standard Bleed reduction. He is weak to Slash and Thrust but resistant to Strike. He is now weak to Occult.
-Removed damage from the "shockwave" attacks of the Asylum Demon, Taurus Demon, Demon Firesage, and Stray Demon. The Taurus Demon deals much less damage when stepping on you.
-Ornstein is weak to Strike but resists Slash. Smough is weak to Slash and Magic and resists Strike, Thrust, and Fire.
-Great Gray Wolf Sif is weak to Slash and resists Strike.
-Gravelord Nito now resists Thrust and Slash and is weak to Strike like other skeletons. He is also weak to Divine.
-The Demon Firesage has doubled Fire resistance.
-Black Dragon Kalameet now has 220 Toxic resistance and is actually weak to Lightning as well as Strike and Thrust. He is now weak to Divine damage.
-Knight Artorias's Fire and Thrust defenses have been lowered, he now has 200 Toxic resistance and 240 Bleed resist with Bleed damage reduction. He is weak to both Abyssal and Occult effects.
-Manus's Lightning and Fire defenses have been lowered, and he now has 240 Toxic resistance with 240 Bleed resist and Bleed damage reduction. He is also weak to Abyssal modifiers.
-Reduced Gwyn's resistances to 400 for all effects. Has standard Bleed reduction. His Fire defense has been raised to match his Lightning resistance (very high)

Flavor/Text changes

-The Great Lord Great Sword is always on fire (unless in left hand, then it sets right-hand weapon on fire)
-Changed Rapier and Estoc descriptions to match movesets.
-Scythe is now Bardiche
-BKH is now Black Knight Glaive.
-Changed Talisman to Silver Talisman


To install this mod, back up and replace the dvdbnd3.bdt and dvdbndt3.bhd5 files in your DATA folder in your Dark Souls directory
(C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition/DATA)

To uninstall the mod, just replace the new dvdbnd3 files with the old ones. If something goes horribly wrong, the modification is internal and will be removed when Steam deletes and reinstalls the game.

This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with any other mod that uses these same files.


There is a guide on using Wulf's Tools to make edits to classes, written by McJ0hns0n, mentioned above. The guide contains all instructions you need to change class information. Please save yourself some work and read the instructions carefully when you do so, the actual effects of your changes are hard to predict when you skip over so much as a single line of it.

Changing weapon information or other information is a little more advanced. The spreadsheet included in the guide includes an approximation of all tables that you see in the game's files using Wulf's Tools, allowing you to change nearly any value in the game (some effects go beyond the tables and are handled by the code of the game itself, like animations and the behavior of Fall Control). Some headings are also misleading, as the value that determines whether or not a weapon can be repaired is in the "BothHandEquipable" column, etc.

Expect a more complete guide when I get a break.

Here is the guide to changing class information:

The spreadsheet containing all information that is used in this mod (not the changes I made but the base values of the original game)

Future Plans

-The eternal task of rebalancing to add intrigue to enemies and equipment
-Adding items and changing technical traits, e.g. Twin Humanities Reverse Hollowing without needing to rest at a Bonfire
-Adding spells
-Adding weapons (most either unused or made by SiriusTexra)
-Modifying shop inventories, etc.
-Implementing technical tools made by metal-crow, SeanP, Doll, Meowmaritus, and other contributors found on the Discord
-Not giving you up
-Not letting you down
-Not running around and deserting you