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UI III v1.0
User Interface mod for Dark Souls based on Dark Souls III.


HUD: Health and stamina bars
HUD: Enemies health bar
HUD: Humanity counter
HUD: Cursed skull
HUD: Items slots
HUD: Souls counter
HUD: Target lock icon
HUD: Status effects icons
HUD: Interaction stripe
HUD: Invasion and summoning notification
HUD: Bow crosshair
HUD/Menus: Items/Equipment background
HUD/Menus: Wooden dish bellow the items/equipment
HUD/Menus: High resolution controller buttons (Xbox One and PlayStation 4)
Menus: Main menu icons
Menus: All the menu backgrounds and ornaments
Menus: Navigation arrows icons
Menus: Inventory and equipment categories icons (items, armor, rings, etc.)
Menus: Icon for the empty slots on the equipment menu
Menus: Key settings icons
Menus: Gesture menu
Menus: Create character
Menus: Messages background
Menus: Confirmations menus and notifications (quit game, loading save data, etc.)


How to Install:

1. Download the DSFix and extract the files to the "DATA" folder in the game directory e.g. "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA"

2. Open the DSfix.ini file and change the line enableTextureOverride 0 to enableTextureOverride 1.

3. Download the UI III mod and extract all the files to the "tex_override" folder inside the "dsfix" folder. e.g. "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\dsfix\tex_override"

4. Run the game :)


Known Issues:

- Horizontal black line at the bottom screen when the menu is open.
- Forge Weapons/Armor: There are some minor issue with the horizontal lines (on the left)
- Bottomless Box: Ornaments lines don't align perfectly above "Held" and "Storage" icons
- Create Character: There are some minor overlapping issues with the ornaments lines
- Create Character: Ornaments lines don't align perfectly at the center



There are some limitations of what can be changed without causing problems. The most common is that the sometimes the game uses the same texture in various situations. A good example of that is the texture used for the souls counter on the bottom right. It was supposed to have an icon before the numbers, like in Dark Souls III, but I had to removed it because that same texture its also used for the small menu when you press Start, for the arrows count on the bottom left when aiming with the bow and also for the information bars used above the summoning NPCs or players. There are many other textures like these, so I had to find a way that worked well in all the situations where the same texture is used.

Other limitation is with the gestures icons. I left intact the original Dark Souls gesture icons because Dark Souls III doesn't have two of the Dark Souls gestures.