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1) Start DSCM
2) Start Dark Souls
3) Enjoy Dark Souls Multiplayer :)

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Automatic node finding
- - - - - - - - - - - -

While DSCM-Net is active, it will automatically connect to players in the same area and in coop level range.
Just have it running and enjoy working Dark Souls multiplayer.

- - - - - - - - -
Manual Connecting
- - - - - - - - -

You can also manually connect to a specific player like this:

-Make sure you are connected to less than 20 nodes. You might want to disable DCSM-Net, so you get less nodes.
-Copy the other player's steam profile URL or SteamID64 into the Target field.
-Click Attempt Connection
-After a few seconds, they should appear in the Active tab.
-You might want to add the player to your favorites by selecting them in the Active list and clicking Add Favorite
-Next time you can connect to the other player by double-clicking the favorites entry.

- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -

This program does not work with the beta version of Dark Souls. Opt out of the beta in steam settings:

-Right click on Dark Souls in your game library in steam
-Go to properties and locate the "betas" tab
-Select an option that says "none - opt out of all betas"

Make sure normal in-game variables for multiplayer activity are accounted for. Players commonly forget that:

-The water must be drained in New Londo Ruins before the host can have any phantoms enter their world
-Areas that still have yellow fog gates (the ones that get cleared after placing the Lord Vessel) don't allow multiplayer activity

Is your game crashing when getting invaded or trying to use someone's summon sign?

-This is the namecrash bug, which is unrelated to this mod.
Run PvP Watchdog, because it fixes this problem (read Named Nodes section below).

- - - - -
- - - - -


Ctrl + 1 = Toggle Node Drawing

--Node Drawing--

Enabling this shows a visualization of currently active connections.
You are represented with the large circle in the middle.
Other players are smaller circles that are connected to you with a line.
In-game proximity is represented here. If a player is near you in-game, like you're standing in the same spot in a level,
your circles will be close to each other.

The fact that the player names are not always drawn near the nodes they belong to is a known issue.


Due to constant problems with the default Steam matchmaking, DCSM contains its own matchmaking.
All DSCM-Net clients report player info to a central location. You can have a look at this information in the DSCM-Net tab.
DSCM uses this information to automatically connect you to appropriate players. Note that your covenant
(and whether you are wearing its ring) will be taken into account in this process.

--Active Nodes Tab--

This displays a detailed list of the players you're connected to.
It also shows their location in-game, and if they're human, hollow, or a phantom of some kind.

This vastly helps with informing you if you have potential viable connections or not.
Bear in mind it is not possible to know whether or not someone has their boss alive, so that aspect is still a guess from your end.

--Row colors--

The color of the row marks the usefulness that DSCM thinks that node has for you.
That is based on Location, Soul Level, your Covenant and if you have your covenant ring equipped.

Nodes that you added manually are highlighted in bold.

--MP Area column--

This column shows the invasion zone the player is in. The wiki has further details.

--Favorites and Recent Tabs--

The recent tab will fill up with your 70 most recent connections.
Favorites can be added from either your active node tab or recent tab.
When starting DSCM and every 10 minutes after, DSCM will interact with a script created and hosted by Chronial
that checks the online status of your Recent and favorite nodes (max 100 combined).

Steam privacy settings can make a node appear offline when they are not.

--Disable FPS Disconnects--

DSCM now disables Dark Souls' check that will kick you offline when your FPS dips low.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Contact/ Bug Reports:
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This program was created by Wulf, who can be found on reddit as /u/Wulf2k.
As a backup you can try contacting /u/illusorywall or @illusorywall, but I can't help as much with the technical stuff.

Source code is available at: https://github.com/Wulf2k/DaS-PC-MPChan


Brought to you by Wulf2k.
With thanks to Illusorywall, Jellybaby44, Chronial, and many others.