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My Engine.ini config file adds aniscoptric filtering 16x, adjust the sharpness, bloom & tonemapper settings. It also disables the game's motion blur, volumetric fog & dof/bokeh dof. My "Genesis_ReShade.ini" ReShade file is also included in the pack to enhance the game's color, hdr & fxaa. If you like my mod please endorse it.

Permissions and credits
"Make sure to back up your "Engine.ini" file before replacing it with mine"
"Make sure to also have the latest version of ReShade" you can get it here: https://reshade.me

How To Extract & Install My Files:
-Extract my "Darksiders Genesis Better Graphics.7z" folder with 7Zip. You will have my "Engine.ini" config file & my "Genesis_ReShade.ini" file.
-Place my "Engine.ini" config file in the game's "Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor folder" & click okay to overwrite when asked.
-Make sure to right-click my "Engine.ini" file, select properties, tick the read-only box, apply & then okay.
Folder Location: C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\THQ Nordic\Darksiders Genesis\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

-Place my "Genesis_ReShade.ini" file in the game's "Project Mayhem\Binaries\Win64 folder".
Folder Location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Darksiders - Genesis\ProjectMayhem\Binaries\Win64.

How To Install ReShade:
-Launch the ReShade Installer & select the game's "DarksidersGenesis-Win64-Shipping.exe"
Folder Location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Darksiders - Genesis\ProjectMayhem\Binaries\Win64.
-Select the game's API, it is Direct3D10+.
-ReShade will now ask if you would like to download & install any .fx files? Click okay to download & install them.
-ReShade should now say Succeeded!

How To Open The ReShade Menu Overlay In-Game & Select My Preset:
-Press the Home (pos1) key on your key board to open the ReShade Overlay.
-Click the drop-down arrow to open the drop-down menu & select my preset "Genesis_ReShade".
-If you do not see my preset listed you will have to manually add it by pressing the + symbol next to the drop-down menu, then type in the full name of my preset just like this: Genesis_ReShade.ini & press Enter.

What To Do If Your Game Crashes To Desktop, Fails To Launch Or Your Controller Doesn't Work:
-Locate the game's "Project Mayhem\Binaries\Win64 folder" where you installed ReShade & rename the "dxgi file" to "d3d11".