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The Exorcist is a group project mod that adds a brand new religious offensive-support hero to Darkest Dungeon. This hero is completely custom, with all new sprites, skills, sounds, and animations, as well as a complete set of unique trinkets, alternate color palettes and team combos.

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  • German
"A man in a robe, claiming communion with the divine. Madness..."

The Exorcist is a group project mod that adds a brand new hero to Darkest Dungeon. This hero is completely custom, with all new sprites, skills, sounds, and animations, as well as a complete set of unique trinkets, alternate color palettes and team combos.

A religious offensive support, the Exorcist has a varied skill set that focuses on disrupting enemies and buffing allies. His unending war against demonkind, which he claims was spoken to him by the Light itself, has led this religious firebrand to the Hamlet, where he seeks to put his expertise in banishing otherworldly evil to good use.

"A powerful disruptive combatant, the Exorcist calls upon his unwavering faith in combat to smite his foes, condemning them with holy magic. A lifetime of servitude has made him terrifyingly effective at banishing unholy monstrosities and eldritch evils. His knowledge of prayers allows him to fortify his teammates by rallying them to his zealous cause."

Combat Skills


The Exorcist beats his enemies over the head with his sacred prayer book, giving in to zealous ire.

Standard melee attack. Bonus damage vs Unholy or Eldritch.

Word of Power

The Exorcist channels divine magic through his holy scepter, branding the wicked with the burning symbol of the Light.

Ranged attack. Lower damage, but gains a long lasting damage buff with each successful hit. Deals bonus damage vs Unholy or Eldritch.


By the power vested in him by the church, the Exorcist condemns his enemies, marking them for eternal damnation.

Ranged skill. Mark, destealth, debuffs +crits received. Torch up.

Vade Retro!

Light bursts from the pages of the holy text, blinding the Exorcist's enemies and sending them fleeing in terror.

Enemy is pushed back 3, stunned and speed debuffed. Torch up. 2 round cooldown.


The Exorcist performs a miracle, laying hands on his target and curing its ailments.

Small heal. Removes stun, mark and horror. Speed down on self.

Ashes to Ashes

The Exorcist lays the fallen to rest, strengthening his team's resolve.

Zero damage. Clears all corpses. Party has a chance to heal a small amount of stress. Amount of stress healed is increased for every corpse cleared by the attack.


The Light chooses a champion, rallying them to strike with newfound vigor, seeking out those marked for damnation.

Ally gains 1 block, a mark and a damage vs marked and crit while marked buff. 3 round cooldown

Camping Skills

Rallying Sermon

Time Cost: 4
The Exorcist rouses his teammates to his cause, inspiring them to fight in the name of the Light.

All other teammates gain +2 speed and +5 acc, and an extra +1 spd and +5 acc if religious. Lasts 4 battles.


Time Cost: 4
The Exorcist performs a cleansing ceremony, mending his allies' wounds and curing their ailments.

Ally is healed for 25% HP and cures bleed, blight and disease. Produces 1 Holy Water.

Hallowed Ground

Time Cost: 4
The Exorcist blesses the ground the team rest on, warding off the terrors of the night with a circle of prayer candles.

Prevents nighttime ambush. Party gains 10% prot and 10 dodge while the torch is above 75%. Lasts 4 battles.

Rite of Exorcism

Time Cost: 4
The Exorcist applies his skills to a teammate, banishing a possessing demon from their bodies at a heavy toll.

One afflicted teammate is healed for 80 stress, but takes 40% of their HP in damage. Other teammates take 7 stress.

Other Information
  • The Exorcist is religious, and speaks Latin.
  • He will only use the Abbey for stress relief.
  • He uses the Altar of Light district.
  • He starts with 1 Holy Water as provisions.
  • His default name is Maxwell.
  • On crit, he will debuff the enemy team's damage by 25%.
  • This mod comes with 10 class specific trinkets for Exorcist: 2 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare, 1 very rare, 2 Crimson Court and 1 Color of Madness, as well as two Saintly Relics, special trinkets found only in the Ruins.
  • Additionally, the mod includes 1 new Collector head trinket.
  • The mod includes Pious and Skeptic as new quirks that buff the heal and stressheal received from Benediction and Ashes to Ashes respectively.
  • Exorcist has 21 named party combos for you to discover.
  • The Exorcist has a town event so you can get one immediately.
  • This mod is fully compatible with all 3 DLCs.
  • This mod currently supports German, Korean, Russian, Polish, French and Italian localization, with Spanish coming soon. If you can help translate this mod into Czech, Chinese, Portuguese, or Japanese, please contact either me, Shay, or Anonymous_Koala on Steam or on Discord: Shay#9164 and Anonymous_Koala#9251 respectively.

  • AKAPerly: original concept art
  • Shay: Coding, sound design, writing
  • Nodappjung: Art, Korean translation
  • Anonymous_Koala: Animation, beta testing
  • Mhnlo: Comic, French translation
  • EbonyBetty: Additional writing, beta testing
  • Koblasco: Italian translation, beta testing, Latin corrections
  • CadensLuna: Latin corrections
  • hesaleanpa: German translation
  • Holodilnik: Russian translation
  • VeryWhale: Russian translation help, color palettes
  • Zormar Rivaks: Polish translation
  • Lil 2/3rds: Polish translation
  • Admostiel: Additional French translations
  • TiltedHat: Skill design help
  • Nive: Skill design help, beta testing
  • Von Krolock: Additional animation work, beta testing
  • Marvin Seo: Additional animation work
  • Muscarine: Additional animation work
  • Seta Nagato: Beta testing

Special thanks to BayBot for helping with Exorcist's sound design, as well as ElementFive for promoting the mod via his Youtube page and his (Twitch channel), as well as Clair de Lune, O'Nightmare, CarnifexX and everyone else on the Moonlit Dungeon Discord server who helped with bug fixing and general feedback as the mod developed. None of this would have been possible without any of you.

Legal Jargon
This item and its content are not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the following Steam accounts: Shay, Nodappjung, or Anonymous_Koala. And on Nexus, except under the following account: AnonKoala

Darkest Dungeon and everything Darkest Dungeon related is entirely the property of Red Hook Studios. Red Hook is not responsible if this mod ends