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Adds Level 2 (Adventurer) and Level 4 (Master) quests to the game.

Permissions and credits
These quests are incredibly useful as they afford more opportunities to combine your level 3 and 5 heroes with lower level heroes, and may be a preferable option for players who feel removing or easing the level restrictions is a bit excessive.

I have not modified the level restrictions for the Level 1, 3, 5 or 6 quests, and I've kept quest levels 2 and 4 in line with the norm - you are still limited to taking heroes no higher than one level above the quest level.

Rewards and Loot
Quest rewards and dungeon loot are configured to be halfway between that of the surrounding quest levels.

Monster Combinations
The monsters you encounter in level 2 and 4 quests will be of similar formations to quests of the next level up, except the enemies are one level weaker. So for instance a level 2 quest will generate the same packs of enemies as a level 3 quest, but the enemies will still be the level 1 apprentice versions, rather than the level 3 veteran versions. This takes advantage of several enemy types that were included in the original game but unused, such as base level Ghouls, Large Corpse Eaters, Giants etc... and should place the level 2 and 4 quests at a difficulty somewhere between that of the surrounding quest levels.

Localized for all in-game languages.

DLC Compatibility
Works fine with Vanilla and CoM. 

Crimson Court should also be okay, but  occasional blank quest icon for a generated quest. Not for a plot quest, so it shouldn't block progress.

Mod Compatibility
Not compatible with any mods which add new dungeons. (Except Town Wars, I've made it compatible with that.)

put this mod into "dd/mods" and activate from main menu on the icon besides the dlc icon,  and check this mod to activate.

this mod is from retrotheft