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Adds few CC-themed backrounds for corridors for vanilla dungeons.

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CC-DLC Add on for More dungeon background variations.

Does not add any backgrounds to Courtyard, The DLC already has quite a bit of variations, so I tough I would do something a bit different for the DLC.

This mod adds 3 new backrounds to all vanilla dungeons, total of 12 new backgrounds, with a little bit of Crimson Court flavor.

One background with bottles, one with hive, one with eggs, to represent the spread of the monsters from Courtyard, for each dungeon type.


These are added to the pool of vanilla and More dungeon backgrounds-mod' backgrounds, this totals up to 102 backgrounds total, from vanillas 35, and about from 9 to 23 per dungeon.

So these should be pretty rare, but the game picks backgrounds from all of the ones available, at random.


Should be safe to install mid game, or un-install, just loose png files, no midifications to the games files. So compatible with pretty much anything, except with mods that add corridor pieces, then the game will read the mod that is higher in load order, if they overlap.

Just in case, install/un-install outside of dungeon, at Hamlet. I have had no problems just with it while testing these, but just in-case.


Vanilla base-game assets, and some Crimson Court assets (that is why the requirement) used and slightly edited in some cases, to put these together. 

If something is not to your liking, you can replace it with something else, or edit them, just png files.
Note; some backrounds have transparent backrounds, so superPNG for PS, or Gimp in general is needed to edit them.


If you find any issues, please leave feedback in the comments.

Possible updates in the future.

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 .../DarkestDungeon/dungeons/this mod (rar's contents, 4 folders)