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Pitch Black Dungeon is an overhaul mod that adds a variety of different content to Darkest Dungeon. The aim of the mod is to provide a different game in a familiar shell to those seeking a more tactical and challenging experience.

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Pitch Black Dungeon - Gameplay Overhaul Mod

Pitch Black Dungeon is an overhaul and expansion mod for Darkest Dungeon. The aim of Pitch Black Dungeon is to enhance and expand upon the vanilla game for those seeking a more tactical, balanced, and challenging experience. Pitch Black Dungeon requires you to be aware of your decisions and surroundings if you wish to successfully complete quests. Pitch Black Dungeon features hundreds of enemy subtypes, thousands of additional encounters, a completely rebalanced economy and loot system, and much more!

Most of the news and info can be found on the official Steam thread


Design, Logistics, and Scripting - Maester Silvio
Artwork - RedDyeNo5
Seasonal Artwork - Monsoontide
Additional Artwork - Tacocat

Mod Features

Here’s a quick look at some of the things you’ll find and experience in this mod!

  • Almost every ability in the game (hero & enemy) has been added onto, redesigned, or rebalanced
  • Over 600 enemy variants have been added to freshen up combat and make it more unique
  • Over 200 additional pieces of lore that tell a completely new story in the same universe
  • Overhauled the Darkest Dungeon area with unique layouts, affixes, and more!
  • Over 3 times the amount of quests can be generated
  • 85 potions spanning 33 different types with unique artwork can be found during your travels
  • Expanded curio interactions for enhanced depth and variance
  • Unique trinket sets with artwork that can be obtained through engaging actions
  • Rebalanced trinkets for better rarity tiering and expanded buff usefulness
  • Complete quirk rework to make quirks slower to obtain, but much more weighty and important
  • Enhanced UI for better legibility and quicker understanding
  • 9 new diseases as well as a full disease rebalance has made them deadlier than ever
  • Each specific area has unique generation to encourage tactical provision management
  • Every enemy, boss, and hero has received changes in balance or been overhauled
  • Rebalanced town events and 30 additional ones
  • An entirely overhauled economy to support thoughtful purchases and limit your safety cushion
  • Additional corpse mechanics ranging from fermenting and fumigating all the way to reanimating undead, fermenting, and more!
  • Meet fallen heroes in combat and try to remember who the real enemy is...
  • Mini-bosses can be found in each dungeon; do you dare to risk the lives of your heroes for the rewards?
  • New relationships have been designed with heroes and their abilities, resulting in new synergies
  • Thousands of additional enemy encounters
  • And even more...


Version 6.0+
Post-V6.0 Changelog

Version 5.0
Post 5.0 Changelog

Version 4.0
Post 4.0 Changelog

Version 3.05 and eariler
Pitch Black Dungeon Changelog Pre V4.0

Content Creators & Pitch Black Dungeon

We have a variety of Youtubers and streamers playing PBD! Featuring them here on the thread is the least I could do to thank their continued excellence and loyalty!
  • Nika is an English/Russian streamer, and as she struggles with the horrors of the darkness, she finds redemption amongst her successes as she nears the Darkest Dungeon!

Pitch Black Dungeon Guide

I've created a guide to help people in understanding the changes and additions to my mod as well as providing them with extensive information and tips for surviving and succeeding.
Pitch Black Dungeon Guide


Pitch Black Dungeon requires that corpses are left on in the menu. Many elements of the mod will not work and may crash the game if this mechanic is turned off. For the full experience and complete stability, please keep DD mode enabled.

Make sure to compare the revision number in the changelog to the one that you are playing. If you intend to use this mod primarily, it is recommended that you disable updates until I have the mod updated to the newest build.

Donation Link Available

I’ve had a few people request that I get a donation link set up, and I felt that it might be a nice idea to follow through with that. I certainly won’t ask any of you for money, it’s just not the type of person I am. Downloading my mod and providing feedback is more than enough support for me. That being said, monetary support via donations are always appreciated. Thank you all for every download, donation, and word of feedback you provide; needless to say it’s incredibly motivational and supportive!
PayPal Donation Link


Pitch Black Dungeon is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, "Darkest Dungeon" and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc., all rights reserved.

Help test:

Please let me know about your experience with the mod! If you encounter any bugs or have any criticism, post it here! I’m dedicated to tweaking the necessary files to deliver the most solid and balanced mod that I can.

Youtubers & Streamers:

Play and stream with this mod, please! I think it's really awesome and could make for some great footage. Let people know about the game and the modding community; we’re a very active and dedicated community.
  • Perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved Darkest Dungeon streamers, Matt is well-versed with the horrors of Pitch Black Dungeon.