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A callenging experience for the seasoned heroes - all bosses in a new epic quest

Permissions and credits
A callenging experience for the seasoned heroes - all bosses [DLC included] in a new epic quest

4.Known Issues
6.Credits and Permissions


Beware, tormented souls of the Hamlet! For The Galaxian Convergence has
arrived, and the town will bleed for its sins! What is dead shall rise
once more and things forgotten shall be once again.

The fabric between dimensions will become as thin as a paper, and portals will
merge the Hamlet with the deepest and foulest locations: The Crypts, The
Warrens, The Weald, The Cove and even The Darkest Dungeon.

Monsters, Brigands and Eldritch Horrors will come together as one, joining the uprising in The Galaxian Convergence!

You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial. It is a
festering abomination! I beg you, return home, claim your birthright and
deliver our family from the ravenous clutching shadows of the Darkest

Join the townsfolk and defend the Hamlet. Are you up to the challenge?


The "Boss Rush" brings up an unique quest, called "The Galaxian Convergence". This
quest features all the bosses in the game, with the Crimson Court DLC
included, in a huge-sized epic raid.

The quest is very hard, but not impossible to beat. There are curios and items spread around to
help the heroes - but be prepared to face all types of enemies. Keep
your eyes open and do not thread lightly.

*IMPORTANT*: the available quests only update after a raid completion, so if you install
this on an ongoing save file, you must finish a dungeon for this quest
to appear.

---------------*SPOILER ALERT*------------------
List of bosses included in the quest:
-The Necromancer
-The Hag
-The Siren
-The Swine King
-The Blind Prophet
-The Brigand Cannon
-The Formless Flesh
-The Drowned Crew
-The Collector
-The Shambler
-The Shrieker
-The Brigand Vvulf
-The Fanatic
-The Crocodilian
-The Baron
-The Viscount
-The Countess
-The Garden Guardian
-The Shuffling Horror
-The Templar Impaler
-The Templar Warlord
-The Mammoth Cyst
-The Heart of Darkness


A) Bring plenty of resources. The quest is incredibly big and you will need them.

B) You will find items inside the quest - including Firewood. So prepare your camping skills beforehand.

C) Choose a stable party: you must be prepared to face all types of
enemies, so bring healers, stress healers, backrow strikers and
stunners. Versatility is the key word.

D) Unlock more than 4 skills per hero - you might want to swap them in between the bosses.

E) Scouting is key. Bring scouters so you can know where you're going.

F) Know your enemies. Prepare your strategies to beat every boss before facing them.

G) Use the easiest bosses to heal/stress heal yourself, as they do not
have a limited number of rounds (as regular enemies have).

H) Prepare for the Crimson Curse, as the DLC monsters may inflict it on you.

I) This is a long run: do not waste your resources on the first bosses. Keep them and use them in the right time.

J) Use your Firewood: it's wise to keep one with you at all times, as a
precaution, but as you gather more of them, use them to heal/stress
heal/buff your party.

K) There are hints before every boss: curios and items that they left near their room that can identify them.

L) Keep an eye open for the secret rooms: you will find invaluable resources and buffs in there.

M) Use the buffs and curio's stress healing at the right time.

N) There are traps and obstacles within the quest. Prepare for them.

O) You do not need any specific trinket for this raid - so bring
generic trinkets that work for all types of enemies and situations.

P) To beat the quest, you need to CLEAR ALL ROOMS. Do not leave
uncleared rooms at the start, since it'll be troublesome to return there

4.Known Issues

Currently, there are no issues that I'm aware of. If you find anything, please report me. I give you only 3 important warnings:

A) Since "The Galaxian Convergence" is a Town Raid, any MODS that
modify the ENEMY LIST of the Vvulf Quest (Wolves at the Door) should be
loaded BEFORE this MOD (otherwise my files will be overwritten).

B) The MOD works on any saved file - but to make it work, you need to
finish any other dungeon first. And refrain from disabling the MOD while
you are inside this quest.

C) As you should do with any MOD, back up your save files before using this. I ran uncountable tests and
NEVER had a save file compromissed - but you can never be too cautious.


To install this MOD files, unzip the downloaded files and drag the entirety of the folder into the
mods folder in your DarkestDungeon game folder (usually found
at C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\).

After this, the mod will appear in the Mods List in the start menu. The Mods
List is accessible via a little blue hammer next to each save file.
Click the little check mark and the mod will be enabled for that save

6.Credits and Permissions

If you want to use my MOD files as a base to create yours, feel free to do so. I do not require any credits.

If you want to upload my MOD elsewhere, however, you must credit me.