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Welcome to The Scarlet Ruins. I wanted to create additional content that integrates into the base game while also enhancing gameplay with something unique. Added:New "The Scarlet Ruins" quest line with the Corrupt Scarlet Guardian. New Quirks with an upgrade progression and unique traits. New and powerful trinkets await brave adventurers.

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Hello and welcome to The Scarlet Ruins. This is my description copied directly from my Steam Page.

I wanted to create additional content that integrates into the base game while also enhancing gameplay with something unique.
There's a lot of potential for quirks that isn't fully explored within the base
game so I decided to try something fun with them.

I've added a number of quirks, the Scarlet Quirks, with unique properties.
Because they are more powerful than regular quirks, a hero may only have one at
any time. They can also be upgraded with a special item to offer new
hidden bonuses. 
Good luck unlocking their full potential! ;)

Version 2.91: The Color of Madness Update
Consolidated some of the past changes due to the text limit provided on the workshop page. Mod Changelog 

Began the process of adding rare Empowered enemies that will grant unique quirks at dungeon complete and have a chance to drop a unique trinket. Found in Champ Ruins and Weald.
New trinkets: Virago Voodoo Doll and Cultist Banner.
New Quirks: Boosted Immunity and Scarlet Thirst.

Minor shard slight rework: 
Every use will always remove Horror.
1: First use still gives a 7% virtue chance and 15% bleed resist for 3 battles.
2: Now has a strong combat buff for 3 battles on second use (+5% crit / +10 dodge) with a small uncleansable debuff for 2 battles (-15% healing received).
3: Third use clears debuffs. 
4+: Fourth use and above simply adds bleed resist.
These changes don't affect a hero with a Scarlet Quirk. Instead they receive their unique bonuses.

Version 2.9: The Color of Madness Update
This update is to bring Scarlet Ruins up to date with the Color of Madness update. There should be no more game crashes or loading errors.
This is only a preliminary patch to adjust the balance of monsters and remove crashes.
Values for trinkets, quirks, monsters, and effects will change constantly as I update/balance Scarlet Ruins. 
Please give feedback on anything that looks too strong or too weak or bugs related to my mod in the comments

Other changes include: 
1: An adjustment to crit values on various trinkets as well as a rework on the unique trinkets from the Adder and Scarlet Guardian bosses.
2: Adjustment to crit values on quirks.
3: An addition of 3 Unique quirks (a type of quirk added in CoM that only one hero in your entire roster can have at a time) for defeating the Adder, Scarlet Guardian, and Jester on Champion difficulties.
4: Shard of Erasure is removed because the base game now allows you to remove Positive Quirks at the Sanitarium.

Version 2.4 Changes:
New Boss: Adder Twins

Version 2.2: Latest Changes

Added a new Trinket Set: Serendipity of the Seraph: Seraph's Halo and Seraph's Staff.
Can drop from the Eldritch Jester.
Extremely Rare chance to drop from a successful Holy Fountain, Decorative Urn or Altar of Light curio interaction.
Holy Fountain, Pristine Fountain and Altar of Light are considered Holy Curios.
Antivenom can now grant Scarlet Toxicity from Power and Faded Sources.

Version 2.1: Latest Changes
Eldritch Jester:
Rebalanced with Less HP, Prot and Dodge.

New Trinkets:
Added 3 new Trinkets: Pizzicato Box (Madman), Monster Slayer's Compendium (Scarlet), and Ancestor's Horn.

New Quirks:
Angel's Feather: Only found as a reward for defeating the Eldritch Jester. It heals massive stress, provides a DMG block shield and cures horror from the user. They persist in your provisions after mission complete.
Golden Feather: Allows a hero to cycle between the Angel Quirks. It is only obtainable through specific curio interactions listed below and has no other use. The order is listed on the supply item. It is Angel's Grace -> Angel's Touch -> Angel's Prot. -> Angel's Blessing

[h1]New Curio Interactions:[/h1]
Minor Shard on Decorative Urn, Holy Fountain, Pristine Fountain, or Bas Relief drops Golden Feathers and some additional loot.
Holy Water on Decorative Urn, Holy Fountain or Faded Power Source drops Golden Feathers and some additional loot.
Angel Feather on Holy Fountain, Pristine Fountain and Altar of Light grants the Angel's Grace quirk always.
Angel Feather on Power Sources, Quirk Sources, and Faded Power Sources grants the Angel's Grace quirk always.

New "The Scarlet Ruins" quest line.
A new boss encounter, the Corrupt Scarlet Guardian, is a recurring menace to the Hamlet.
New and powerful trinkets await brave adventurers. 

Playable with or without either DLC. 

Order DOES matter (This is simply the order in relation to my mod; I do not check for compatibility between the other mods together)

Inventory Stacking Mods
Enigma Class
Exaelus's Provision Expansion
The Scarlet Ruins (This Mod)
Trinket OverHaul Project - T.O.P.
Clair's Collection of Curiosities
Mimic Monster Mod
Quirks and Diseases Redone
More Quirks mod (both versions)

Order does NOT matter
Hero Mods (with few exceptions listed above)
Hero Skins
Army of Bones
Monster Variety by Jens

Definitely Not Compatible (Don't try it)
Pitch Black Dungeon.

Not compatible with other mods that edit Curio, add new Monster files to the Ruins, or edit the quest_generation.json.

Resource Links:
The first link provides a changelog for major version changes and the second link contains a database which spoils a lot of info for those who don't mind.
I provided useful information within the in-game glossary so make sure to check that first!
Mod Database

Balance feedback from Clair de Lune.
Thank you to Maester Silvio for his extensive and immensely useful modding resources and for his work on PBD.
Trinket Art Assets from T.O.P. by JavitoVk7 and from RedDyeNo5. Thank you.
Thank you to Red Hook for an amazing game!

Additional Stuff
Balance is an ongoing endeavor so any feedback and suggestions is appreciated and will be taken into consideration.
Please ask for permission before using any of my work, thank you.
If you would like to contact me outside of steam then message me on discord @phasmy#3037