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Don't you hate it when you fight and do everything you can to complete a mission without anything negative happen to you? You have very little to no stress... No new disease or quirks... No lost health? Just to find out that your god damned heroes can't keep their feet in their shoes and steps on a rusty nail and get tetanus at the end as a "random" draw... Now you're forced to spend 1 000 gold or more to get rid of it? Like, I know Darkest Dungeon is supposed to be set in this dystopian universe where the damn world is ending because your ancestor just couldn't keep his woohoo in his pants and fucked around with the cosmic gods, but come on? Oh boy! What a fight, we did really well out there, time to walk home... ACK ACK, I'VE CONTRACTED THE BLACK PLAGUE, MY FRIEND CONTRACTED VERTIGO EVEN THOUGH WE'RE ON THE DAMN GROUND.


I got super sick of this sickness nonsense, and should only be punished by bad choices rather than just blind luck... If you can call it that.

So, what I did was go into the quirk_library.json file and changed the "random_chance"  : 1 to "random_chance" : 0 so that it would be impossible for you to contract any disease at the "return to hamlet" screen.


You'll have to extract the quirk_library.json file to the 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\shared\quirk 

section of you Darkest Dungeon file for this to work :) Happy Contracting!