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Adds new, established locations missing from Vanilla Daggerfall, presently primarily inspired by TES Arena. More locations as I find more time.

Permissions and credits
First off, special thanks to BadLuckBurt and Hazelnut, without whose help I would never have gotten the hang of it, I am sure.

What it does
This is an addition to the WorldData set. For all the vastness of Daggerfall, the game still somehow manages to lack canon locations that appeared both before and after in High Rock and Hammerfell.
Well, I thought, I'mma change that, now that I know how to. This thus marks my first ever Nexus mod release, so bear with me.
All positions are roughly approximated to match their positions in other titles, were applicable. The Daggerfall map translates to the accepted maps of Tamriel only with difficulty.

What's in it
At present, these are the locations added:
  • Camlorn (city-state in Ykalon)
  • Mines of Khuras (dungeon in Dwynnen)
  • Dragonstar (city-state in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Stonekeep (dungeon in Dak'fron)
  • Cloud Spring (town in the Wrothgarian Mountains)
  • Black Wastes (village in Gavaudon)
  • Dunkarn Haven (village in Gavaudon)
  • Belkarth Guard (town in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Chasetown (village in Sentinel)
  • Elinhir (city-state in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Dunlain Falls (village in Wrothgarian Mountains)
  • Eagle Brook (village in Ykalon)
  • Heldorn Mount (town in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Cliff Keep (village in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Evermore (city-state in Gavaudon)
  • Crypt of Hearts (dungeon in Gavaudon)
  • Fang Lair (dungeon in Mournoth)
  • King's Guard (town in Phrygias)
  • Ebon Wastes (village in Ykalon)
  • Dragon Gate (village in Dragontail Mountains)
  • Kelps Yat (village in Abibon-Gora; also known in lore as Dragon Grove)
  • Farrun (city-state in Wrothgarian Mountains)

More locations are to come.

How to install
Unzip the contents of the zip file to your game's "StreamingAssets" folder, or use the Vortex Mod Manager.

How to uninstall
Delete the files from the "StreamingAssets\WorldData" folder, or uninstall from Mod Manager if installed with that. That's it. Try not to reside in one of the addeda dungeons in your latest save file when you do this - I cannot guarantee what happens if you do.

Note: Some screenshots may show an early version of some locations.