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A mod for Daggerfall Unity that adds Necromancy to the game as spells under the Mysticism school. It also adds an optional Necromancer class which starts with the Animate Dead spell and a grave robbing system.

Permissions and credits
Cheb's Necromancy

A mod for Daggerfall Unity that adds Necromancy to the game as spells under the Mysticism school. It also adds an optional Necromancer class which starts with the Animate Dead spell.

The undead are clones of vanilla enemies but are allied to the player. They also have code attached to them which makes them follow the player, but the pathfinding isn't great. It's based off how the enemies pursue the player and works basically the same way.

Video of 0.0.19 below:

About Me

I'm a YouTuber/Game Developer/Modder who is interested in all things necromancy and minion-related. Please check out my YouTube channel and if you like the work I do and want to give back, please consider supporting me on Patreon or throwing me a dime on Ko-fi. You can also check out my website where I host information on all known necromancy mods, games, books, videos and also some written reviews/guides.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod! If you have questions or need help please join my Discord.

Adds several different spell effects for summoning a variety of undead minions as well as a utility spell to recall these to your position:
  • Recall Minions
  • Summon Skeleton
  • Summon Ghost
  • Summon Zombie
  • Summon Mummy
  • Summon Vampire
  • Summon Lich
  • Summon Ancient Vampire
  • Summon Ancient Lich

Spells can be created at the spell maker in the Mage's Guild.

Ingredient Requirements

If enabled in the config (default: enabled), items will be required to create minions with. Items are only consumed on successful reanimation.
Minion | Requirements
--- | ---
Skeleton | Humanoid Corpse
Ghost | Humanoid Corpse, Ectoplasm
Zombie | Humanoid Corpse
Mummy | Humanoid Corpse, Oil/Bandage
Vampire | Humanoid Corpse, Red/Yellow Rose
Lich | Humanoid Corpse, Lich Dust
Ancient Vampire | Humanoid Corpse, Black/White Rose
Ancient Lich | Humanoid Corpse, Lich Dust

Item requirements help with balance by making minions more difficult to acquire, without imposing frustrating limits or durations.


  • Copy mod to /path/to/dfu/DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods
  • Important: Copy BIOG18T0.TXT to /path/to/dfu/DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/BIOGs. Without this, the custom Necromancer class will not work.

For more info, please read here.


Most, but not all, aspects of the Necromancy class can be tweaked to your liking in the config. The costs of the spells can also be manipulated via the mod settings. I don't know what all the values do and they're wildly out of whack as of 0.0.11. Help in this department would be immensely appreciated!
By default, the Necromancer class is enabled. It can be disabled in the settings, which may help if you're using other class mods and problems occur.

Using Classes Expanded by Harbinger451? This will work, but you need to disable my necromancer class in the config and you may also wish to change the skill associated with necromancy skills to what Harbinger451's necromancer class uses. No guarantees this will work though because it's a language skill and not part of the DFCareer.MagicSkills enumeration.


Check the log file and look for "Cheb" to find errors related to this mod.
The log file's location differs per operating system. On Linux it is located in $HOME/.config/unity3d/Daggerfall Workshop/Daggerfall Unity/Player.log
The logging level can be increased/decreased in the mod settings. By default, only errors are logged.


Expand to see cheating info (hidden so people's experience doesn't get ruined)


The spell effects have a backend which can be triggered by console commands:
  • Press ~ to open the console
  • Type help spawn to read the options, then spawn a minion in
    • spawn skeleton will spawn a skeletal warrior
    • spawn vampire will spawn a vampire, etc.
  • Type recallminions to bring the undead to your position if they get stuck or lost
  • Type sci to spawn in a corpse item. This stands for spawn corpse item and follows the style of other daggerfall commands like tgm.


GitHub for the mod here.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to:

for their open source repositories (which I studied) and/or their invaluable assistance on the Discord.


Version | Date       | Info --- |------------| --- 0.0.19 | 19/05/2024 | Graves can now be robbed for corpses and other minion-making items. 0.0.18 | 19/05/2024 | Minions now come with you when fast travelling; improve minion positioning when using recall 0.0.17 | 19/05/2024 | Necromancer class now starts with a corpse item. 0.0.16 | 13/05/2024 | If enabled in config, enemy humanoids will drop corpses and these will be a requirement for successful reanimation. 0.0.15 | 28/04/2024 | Minions will follow you through area transitions. 0.0.14 | 28/04/2024 | Finish implementing limited magnitude scaling. A minion's health, as well as skeleton & zombie melee weapon quality, scales with the player's stats & skills and the spell's magnitude. 0.0.13 | 19/04/2024 | Expose many class options to the config so users can tweak stuff about it to their liking; improve quiz with necromancy-themed questions 0.0.12 | 17/04/2024 | Fix Necromancer class description text 0.0.11 | 16/04/2024 | Add starter necromancer class 0.0.10 | 16/04/2024 | Add basic Animate Dead spell for purchase 0.0.9 | 16/04/2024 | Fix problem where all friendly NPCs get teleported by recall minions. 0.0.8 | 15/04/2024 | Mod should now properly work with built versions of the game 0.0.6 | 15/04/2024 | Fix spell prices not updating properly 0.0.5 | 15/04/2024 | Add spells to mysticism school; Add customizable spell costs 0.0.4 | 14/04/2024 | Remove spawnskeleton command and replace with spawn command that can spawn many different types of undead. 0.0.3 | 14/04/2024 | Restore UndeadMinion script when when game loads so that existing minions resume following; Add command to recall minions to your position; remove skeleton bark 0.0.2 | 05/02/2023 | Add command to spawn skeletons 0.0.1 | 05/02/2023 | Create mod