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Fairly simple mob NPC encounters for those who like to venture into the wilds by horse, wagon or on foot. Makes the journey a bit more adventurous, eventful and dangerous, but hopefully without being overwhelming!

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With every excursion out into the wilderness there is a chance you'll come across some of the new randomized and sporadic mob encounters during the day or night. Upon leaving an urban or rural location, enemies may spawn after about 5 to 11 hours and then there should be 5 to 11 hours (ish) between further spawns while still in the wilderness (remember the vanilla spawns will still happen as normal). I made this for myself because I found the other wilderness encounter mods a bit high impact for my tastes and play style (I like to wander in the wilderness and camp out with only some interruptions - not so many it makes travel and resting an absolute pain). I decided to release it so that others with the same desire can enjoy.

NB: I made this without the Travel Options mod in mind (I personally don't use it, I prefer to either travel in real time or use the default Fast Travel option when needed), but if you do, you may find the spawns happen too quickly when traveling at an increased rate. You can edit the time between spawns in the BWENC001 text file of this mod (it's in the "StreamingAssets/QuestPacks/Harbinger451/BasicWildernessEncounters Quests" folder), change the line "Clock _delay_ 05:00 11:00" to "Clock _delay_ 06:00 12:00" or to whatever min and max number of hours you like, just make sure they are in the same hh:mm format as presented here. Experiment till you reach that sweet spot for you. Of course, if your not using Travel Options, and are feeling adventurous, you can set them to spawn way more often ... but that's on you.

Most will be lone or small party encounters, though sometimes two parties may spawn together (changed from three because two just seems a bit more natural - I've also increased the numbers of enemies in some spawns). Some will be friendly, most will not. Infighting is hard-coded into this mod, so whether you have enemy infighting switched on or not, the spawns will infight regardless to prevent you from being overwhelmed on occasion.

A few of the spawns may manifest a fairly high level enemy (Daedras), though this should be quite rare and will only happen during the two party spawns so the infighting should help you out somewhat.

During the day, Humans or Wild Animals have the highest chance of spawning, followed closely by Orcs, then monsters (Centaurs, Giants or Spriggans and the like). Magicals (Imps, Gargoyles or Atronachs) will be somewhat less likely and Daedra (Daedra Seducer, Daedroth, Fire Daedra or Frost Daedra) coming in last will be the least likely to spawn.

At night, the undead (Skeletons, Zombies, Ghosts or Vampires and the like) replace about half the Orc and Human spawns, vermin (Rats and Bats) replace about half of the animal spawns, and Werecreatures replace most of the monster spawns. Magicals and Daedra stay about the same.

I've excluded the most deadly enemies all together; Liches, Ancient Liches, Vampire Ancients and Daedra Lords... these are still reserved for the deepest and darkest of dungeons. I think they would just be too much for low level characters to deal with. There is no other form of level scaling at work here so if you meet an enemy you can't handle, your best bet is to sneak past them and/or RUN AWAY!

Not all human spawns will be hostile, so don't immediately attack everyone you see... some will talk and may offer to sell you a useful item or information. Some may try to rob you or even try to beg from you. A rough breakdown of human encounters follows below...


Thief spawns: Thieves and Burglars will likely attack or rob you, but they may sometimes inform you of a profitable gem heist.

Assassin spawns: Assassins and Nightblades will likely attack or rob you, but they may sometimes offer to sell a random weapon.

Bandit spawns: Barbarians and Rogues will likely attack or rob you, but they may sometimes reveal they are waiting for a rich merchant to pass by, ripe for the picking, if you want to join them.

Troubadour spawns: Acrobats and Bards won't attack unless you attack them. They may beg for funds or offer to sell you a random potion.

Pilgrim spawns: Healers and Monks won't attack unless you attack them. They may beg for alms or offer to sell you a random holy item.

Mercenary spawns: Archers and Warriors will likely attack you, but they may sometimes offer to reveal the location of a random dungeon.

Mage spawns: Mages and Spellswords will likely attack you, but they may sometimes offer to sell a random magical item.

Ranger spawns: Rangers won't attack unless you attack them, and they may inform you of a profitable bounty on a bandit in the area.

Knight spawns: Knights and Battlemages might attack you, or they may warn you of a group of monsters that are terrorizing the area.

Sorcerer spawns: Sorcerers will likely attack you ... and they may conjure magical aid when they do.

Necromancer spawns: Necromancer enemies will likely attack you ... and they may summon the undead when they do [DEX version only]

Druid spawns: Druids and Rogue Druids will likely attack you ... and they may summon animal or monster creatures when they do [DEX version only]

Witch spawns: Witch Defenders will likely attack you ... and they may summon daedric guardians when they do [DEX version only]

All other encounters will always be hostile! Unless, of course, you have suitably high and pertinent language skills!


An alternative Daggerfall Enemy Expansion (DEX) version of this mod is now available. It's the same as the standard release but with added DEX enemies and a couple of new DEX specific encounters added into the mix. Obviously, only use this version if you also use DEX.

Climate base of the wilderness location you're in (desert, mountain, temperate, swamp) now affects the make up of some encounters. Mainly affecting the animal spawns, monster spawns and, to some extent, the undead spawns. This has a greater impact with the DEX version due to the wider range of mobs available.


From NEXUS, click the FILES tab and download either the Standard or DEX version. Unzip or paste into your StreamingAssets folder. VORTEX should do this automatically.
If installing a new version over an old, let it overwrite (or simply remove the old and add the new).
If installing a DEX version over a Standard version, let it overwrite (or simply remove the old and add the new).
If playing with an existing character, use the console command startquest BWENC000 (only do this once on first installation).
If starting a new game, the mod will start automatically.


Remove the "BasicWildernessEncounters Quests" folder from StreamingAssets/QuestPacks/Harbinger451.


Version 1.0: Initial base release for play testing.

Version 1.1: Interval between spawns slightly increased. Two spawns max at a time, though some spawns now have more enemies. Stopped spawns stacking and all appearing at once after fast travel. Plus other minor fixes/refinements.

Version 1.2: Some fixes and refinements. Also added alternative version for use with Daggerfall Enemy Expansion (DEX) - use Standard version or DEX version, not both!

Version 1.3: Major fix preventing multiple instances of start quest building up (potential cause of increasing encounters and lag). Also, make-up of some encounters now influenced by climate base of region you are in.

IMPORTANT: if you started using this mod on a previous version to the current v1.3, you may have multiple instances of the "Basic Wilderness Encounters - Start" and "Basic Wilderness Encounters - Delay" quests running. You can check in game by using the console command "print_quests" (open the console by clicking the [`] key, just under the [Esc] key at the top left of your keyboard); this will give a list of all running quests. If you have more than one of either of them, get the UID number of any superfluous instances running and use the console command "endquest UID#" to stop them.


Please report any problems, bugs and suggestions in the appropriate comments/bugs sections on NEXUS or on this mods post at the DFWorkshop forums.

There is no reason why this shouldn't work with other wilderness encounter mods like Warm Ashes and/or SIGIL (both great mods in their own right), but please be aware that you will probably be overrun with enemies as soon as you leave the safety of town when using all three ... I'm not responsible if your character dies (your frame rate drops or your game crashes) in a mass spawn brawl caused by using them all together. Pick one or two at most for the sake of your own sanity... and for mine too, because it will be difficult for me to debug this mod from your bug reports when you have multiple encounter mods going at the same time.