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Effects for Climates, Weather, Clothing, Hunting, Camping, Food and Starvation

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Climates & Calories
A mod for adding temperature and starvation effects to Daggerfall.

A big THANK YOU to Hazelnut and BadLuckBurt for helping me make this and putting up with all my newbie questions.


The Status function (default keybind "i") has a third popup window now that informs you of all the mods effects, any problems and how to deal with them.

Region, Season, Time of Day, Weather, Clothing, Race, Resistances and Weaknesses strongly affect how hot or cold your character is.
Wear casual cloaks to protect against rain and harsh sun.
Wear formal cloaks to protect against extreme cold.
Wear a skirt, a short shirt and some sandals in hot climates to be comfortable.
Wear boots, pants and a surcoat to keep warm in cold climates.
Watch out for your armor getting very cold or warm if the temperatures are very high or low.

Getting wet by swimming or being rained/snowed will cancel out the heat from your clothes and lower your temperature.
Use this to your benefit if you are too hot.
To get dry, use a campfire or rest in a bed for a few hours.
Walking around wet might also, over time, make your metal armor rust.

Set up camp in the wilderness with Camping Equipment. The tent and fire protects you against the temperatures and lets you sleep comfortably.
The camp also reduces the amount of wandering enemies in the wilderness based on your Luck.
In dungeons, set up camp or simply find an existing fireplace or campfire in the dungeon to use as a camp.

Raw Meat and Raw Fish can be cooked at a fire. Use a skillet to decrease cooking time.
Or risk eating it raw.

Reduced Wandering Monsters
In the wilderness, the amount of wandering monsters that appear during rest is reduced based on your Luck.
If you use a camp in the wilderness or in a dungeon, the amount is reduced even further.

Food and Drink
Eating food gives you a small but long lasting fatigue regen effect.
Taverns now sell different dishes and drinks based on regions.
Drinks heal Fatigue based on their strength.
Eating and drinking in taverns take time now, so pass an hour by eating a meal and having a few beers.
Food items are sold in shops and can be found on enemies.
Animals now drop meat. Mmmm, smelly rat meat.

Your character will regularly drink from any water he brings with him. How often he drinks depends on how hot it is.
Running out of water causes increasing levels of fatigue damage.

Rations and Water Skins
These items are sold in shops.
Rations protect you against starvation and are automatically eaten once ever 24 hours to stave off starvation effects.
Water skins protect against extreme heat. When too hot your character automatically drink from his water skins to keep heat down. Run out of water in the desert and you might never make it out.
Refill water skins by clicking wells, waterspouts, fountains, barmaids or innkeepers.

If you stay up late, your character will slowly start to gain a continuously fatigue damage.
It will be almost unnoticeable at first but escalate as the hours pass.
Resting in beds or a camp will restore you to fully rested faster than if you sleep on the ground.