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An highly customizable loading screen that appears during loading times instead of the default black screen. Supports custom backgrounds and different presets.

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This mod implements an highly customizable loading screen that appears during loading times instead of the default black screen. The loading screen is shown in the following situations:

  • When loading a save.
  • When performing a fast travel
  • When entering or exiting dungeons and buildings (optional).
  • After a death sequence (optional).


Use Vortex or place loadingscreen.dfmod inside StreamingAssets/Mods.


By default a clean black background is used. One or multiple custom background images with .png extension can be placed inside StreamingAssets/Textures/Splash. One of them will be chosen randomically every time.

It`s possible to optionally use subfolders to pick images from different groups depending on context. Building and Dungeon are used respectively when entering a building in a town or a dungeon. Desert, Winter and Summer are used when exiting a building.


On top of background image, optional components can be drawn. These components can be customized from settings.
This is a list of currently available components:

  • Tips: tips and other informations; some of them are chosen randomically, a few others are specific to current character save data.
  • Enemy Show Case: random combat sprite graphic.
  • Level Counter: a progress bar for next level. Graphics can be overridden with StreamingAssets/Textures/Splash/Resources/BarBackground.png and StreamingAssets/Textures/Splash/Resources/BarProgress.png.
  • Loading Label: a simple label stating Loading or a custom text.
  • Model Viewer: a random 3d model with background mist (like loading screens in Skyrim).
  • Quest Messages: a log message from one of the active quests.


Editing settings for individual components can be overwhelming at first, so you are invited to start by picking one of the presets available from the mod settings window. The following are the main presets that should be appreciated by most people.

  • Skyrim: a loading screen with a progress bar for next level, a preview of a 3D model, and tips in the bottom right corner. Works best with default black background.
  • Skyrim Sprites: similar to Skyrim preset but with random frames from enemies combat animations instead of a 3D model.
  • Oblivion: shows tips at the center of the screen. To be used with Oblivion Styled Loadscreens by Kamer.

Other presets may be added from time to time. Presets can also be created from mod settings window
and shared with the community! Custom presets are exported to PersistentDataPath/Mods/ExportedPresets/loadingscreen (refer to mod system documentation for details) and can be imported from StreamingAssets/Presets/loadingscreen/ folder.


  This mod doesn't affect saves so you can safely uninstall it.

  1. Uninstall from Vortex or delete loadingscreen.dfmod from StreamingAssets/Mods.
  2. Delete custom backgrounds that you may have placed inside StreamingAssets/Textures/Splash.
  3. Delete custom presets that you may have placed inside StreamingAssets/Presets/loadingscreen.

Special thanks to Jay_H and Tealy Wolf for writing some of the game tips.