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Reintroduces Elder Scrolls 1: Arena's flavor-text upon entering various types of buildings and interiors that describes the overall feeling of the place, depending on weather, season, climate, time of day and building type, and more.

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  • So what this mod does is pretty straight forward. Upon entering various buildings and certain locations you will be given some descriptive flavor text that differs depending on various factors. The primary factors being the type of building/location entered, the climate this building is in, the current season or time of the year in-game, the current weather, and in some cases factors such as time of the day, and even your characters propensity to being cooked in the sun-light (either vampire or damage from sun-light trait.)

  • The goal of this mod is hopefully fairly clear, it is there to add more "flavor" and potentially even "immersion" to the world as you explore different cities, towns, palaces, castles in the various inhabited areas of the Iliac Bay. To give an additional "scene" through text that can be interpreted into an image in the player's mind and set the feel for a certain scene and help them imagine their character entering these environments. For example, walking into a tavern in the deadly cold winter night of the Wrothgarian Mountains, shacking the fresh snow off your shoulders and hunkering next to a warm fire to thaw your nearly frost-bitten body and enjoying a warm mulled wine.

  • With this "recoding" of the original quest based mod, many features have been added to increase the customization that is possible for the various text that you will see, primarily the frequency it will be presented for each specific type of building/location that are supported. Also the fashion that the text will be presented, either through non-gameplay pausing HUD text, or gameplay pausing regular message boxes. You can even customize how long the text is allowed to stay up if using the HUD text option, which otherwise automatically determines this duration based on the overall length of the text passage presented.

  • Most of the text entries currently available in this mod are from the same text entries that were in Arena, written by Ted Peterson of Bethesda. For most entries there are only minor modifications to make more sense for the different context, as well as some other various additions. There are also a few custom written entries either written by myself or other kind members of the DFU community (hopefully many more in the future as well.)

  • These text entries I primarily copy/pasted from Cliffworms' original mod, of which he got most of the entries from a French site attempting to translate the entirety of Arena, and translated back to English for our reading pleasure.

--- General Settings:
  • Display Type: In What Form You Want Text To Be Displayed.
  • Min Display Time: Minimum Seconds A Message Will Display For, 0 = Automatic.
  • Max Display Time: Maximum Seconds A Message Will Display For, 0 = Automatic.
--- Flavor Text Frequency:
  • Shop Cooldown: Days Between Shop Messages Appearing.
  • Tavern Cooldown: Days Between Tavern Messages Appearing.
  • Temple Cooldown: Days Between Temple Messages Appearing.
  • Mages Guild Cooldown: Days Between Mages Guild Messages Appearing.
  • Palace Cooldown: Days Between Generic Palace Messages Appearing.
  • Castle Daggerfall Cooldown: Days Between Daggerfall Castle Messages Appearing.
  • Castle Sentinel Cooldown: Days Between Sentinel Castle Messages Appearing.
  • Castle Wayrest Cooldown: Days Between Castle Wayrest Messages Appearing.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the forums: (https://forums.dfworkshop.net/index.php)

My Forum Account Name Is: Magicono43

Main Forum Post: https://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic.php?t=5722 

Github Repository: https://github.com/magicono43/DFU-Mod_Arena-Style-Flavor-Text


This mod should be compatible with any other mods out there.


Unzip and open the folder that matches your operating system (Windows/OSX/Linux)

Copy the "arenastyleflavortext.dfmod" into your DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder

Make sure the mod is enabled and "Mod system" is enabled in the starting menu under "Advanced -> Enhancements"

(In this case I would also suggest removing the quest files in the "QuestPacks" from the original quest based mod, if you were previously using that.)


Remove "arenastyleflavortext.dfmod" from the "StreamingAssets/Mods" folder.

Special Thanks:

Ted Peterson


Kab the Bird Ranger