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Brings Elder Scrolls 1 : Arena's flavor-text upon entering a public location that describes the overall feeling of the place depending on weather, season, climate, time of day and building type.

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Arena-Style Flavor Text brings our favorite feature from the Elder Scrolls I Arena : flavor texts upon enteringa public location that describe the overall feeling of the place depending on weather, season, climate, time ofday and building type. 

Patrons laughing upon entering the inn, distant chants in the temples, feelings of tension in palaces, or a shop'scheery atmosphere on a sunny summer day.

The messages show upon entering a location and the content varies depending, as mentioned, on the weather, season,climate, time of day and building type. At the moment, it affects the same locations as in Arena : Temples, Taverns, Palaces, Shops and the Mages Guild.

Should someone be interested in writing up the texts for the Fighters Guild and the knightly orders,that would be more than welcome!


You leave the overcast spring day and enter (tavern). The smell of simple baked breads coming from the kitchen seems like an invitation to stay.

You walk into the lord's audience chamber, noticing the many fine trappings and warm furs that decorate the area. The chill in your bones quickly melts, and you feel your limbs begin to thaw in the warm hear of the brightly lit interior. You welcome the brief respite from the cold. Ahead of you waits the lord of (city)...
As you enter (shop), golden glints from the fall sun reflect off of the many items of interest scattered about...

(temple) sanctuary is a place of peace. Only by concentrating on the world outside yourself can you hear the vague drumbeat of the autumn thunderstorm outside.


Make sure you are running Daggerfall Unity 0.11.5. or later (https://github.com/Interkarma/daggerfall-unity/releases)
Either install using Vortex Mod Manager or install manually as described below.

Extract the content of the archive to the StreamingAssets of your Daggerfall Unity directory.

Example : [Your drive]\DagUnity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets

If you already have the "Cliff" folder, you can overwrite without issue.


If you are loading Arena-Style Flavor Text on an existing save game, you will need to open Daggerfall Unity's console and type the following :


The quest controlling the texts will then be initiated.The key to open the console can be found in the settings, under the "Advanced" tab in "Controls".


None known. Let Kab the Bird Ranger or Cliffworms know if something's wrong.