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Environmental and situational unobtrusive ambient text popups. For Immersion.

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The popups are randomly chosen from a list of generally relevant text entries based on:

Time of Day, Weather Conditions and Climate Zone (when outside, based on location type)
Dungeon Type and Monster Table (when in a dungeon)

They are intended to emulate and compliment the vanilla texts.
The vanilla dungeon messages are found here. I also took inspiration for dungeon interiors from the monster tables here.

If you like those flavour text popups when arriving at dungeons, then how would you like way more of them? From over a hundred, only outside dungeons, to around a thousand and throughout the Iliac Bay! 

When you are in any outdoor environment you'll get a range of ambient descriptors based on time of day, weather conditions and climate zone (Plus anything that still makes sense).

This also includes dungeon interiors, so roaming in dungeons will have even more ambiance (hopefully).

This is kind of a 'less is more' mod, the occasional message filling some immersion gaps.

If you see anything immersion breaking, let me know.

This is made possible because of Hazelnut. He had the code ready to go, i filled out the text portion. Thanks to JayH for contributions as well.

Forum topic:

Install: Drop the .dfmod into your 'mods' folder in 'streaming assets' folder.

I will likely update with spelling fixes etc. as time goes on.