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Replaces Torch Taker mod. Douse and light all light sources in dungeons. Take torches, candles and oil. Dungeon lights are off unless a humanoid spawned nearby.

Permissions and credits
Darker Dungeons

Compatibility with other mods:
Torch Taker: Not compatible as this mod has the same functionality and more.
Improved Interior Lighting: Strongly recommended using this for better atmosphere.
Hand Painted Models: Should be compatible but slightly weird behavior might occur from some models I have not tested.

I find it weird that in every rat infested abandoned dungeon I enter, someone is apparently going around making sure every torch, candle, lamp and chandelier is lit. Also, that you are unable to take these light sources with you if you run out of torches or oil during the dungeon.


* When entering a dungeon, all light sources are doused or removed (based on chance) unless there are humanoids(humans, orcs, centaurs etc) spawned near the light source.

* Clicking on light sources:
Torch/Candle: If you use Steal, you take it and add it to your inventory. Dialogue/Grab douses it.
Lit Lamps/Lanterns: If you use Steal, you douse it and take the oil.
Doused lamps/lanterns: You fill it with 1 oil and light it.
Chandeliers: Douse or Light them.
Camp Fires/Braziers: Light them. No option to douse them (for easy compatibility with Climates & Calories)

* Match House Interior Lights to DFUs "Dungeon Ambient Light" setting.
Currently there is no way in DFU to adjust the ambient light in houses, only night and dungeons.
This feature lets you control the ambient light in houses via the DFU advanced settings slider for dungeon light.
At night is will be +0.1 brighter than your dungeon setting. During the day it is +0.3 brighter than your dungeon setting.
(If you use Improved Interior Lighting, consider increasing its interior light strength to around 1.0 if you find houses to have become too dark)