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A revamped version of the active quest log to make it easier to use. Groups each quest message by its parent quest, and displays the length of time left to complete the quest.

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A mod for the Daggerfall quest log that makes the quest log easier to use by grouping each quest message into its parent quest, and displaying the most useful information in a list of active quests. Each quest in your quest log will now display as follows:

{Quest Title} ({Time left to complete quest})
{Location} ({Time to travel to location})

Clicking on the Quest Title will display all quest messages for that quest.
Right clicking on the Quest Title allows you to cancel non-story quests.
Clicking on the Location will open the fast travel menu to travel there.

To install copy the convenient quest log.dfmod file into DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods.

To uninstall remove the convenient quest log.dfmod file from DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods.

Complementary Mods
Travel Options works with this mod. If you're like me and like to disable all fast travel, the time to travel to each location will be shown in hours and minutes instead of days, just like in the Travel Options mod.