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An alternative take on the Daggerfall main quest. No time limits, no fluff or padding, using previously ignored characters for a reimagined take on the game's story. Talk to Aubk-i, Queen of Daggerfall, to start it.

Permissions and credits
DFU: A New Main Quest

To install:

Extract contents of zip into the /DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Quests folder of your Daggerfall Unity install. Replace files as necessary.

To uninstall:

Just re-install Daggerfall Unity, it'll be easier.


Q: How do I start it?

A: Talk to Aubk-i, Queen of Daggerfall.

Q: Is this compatible with my current character?

A: No. This is absolutely incompatible and requires a new character.

Q: If I upgrade to a new version of Daggerfall Unity, what do I need to do to keep playing this mod?

A: Before you load up your character, extract the contents of this zip again into your new Daggerfall Unity folder. Otherwise the alternate main quest will break really fast.

Q: Why did you make this?

A: After 25 years of playing Daggerfall, I still don't understand the story. Why did Lysandus die? What did the Orcs do in Mynisera's letters? Why does Elysana hate me? Why am I running errands for nobles who I never talk to again? What on earth is Eadwyre's problem? Why does Castle Llugwych belong to the Blades but have no human presence whatsoever, and what kind of trap is that? This alternate main quest won't answer any of these questions because it doesn't ask them. It deals somewhat in Daggerfall's main quest, but with some twists to make it a new experience. It has no padding, no timers, no level requirements, and no reputation barriers to progress.

Q: This is kind of short.

A: That's not a question. But anyway, I don't use padding (aka random pointless events that make the game longer in an unfulfilling way). Your character is here on a mission and is going to do it. People know who the smartest people are and will send you to them. They solve problems pretty quickly. I made it in three days and couldn't think of anything else to throw in (besides side modules that I'll add in the future), so rather than stretch it out, I ran with it. If someone pitches some legitimately good ideas I could make it longer, but not just for the sake of being longer.

Q: Does it have multiple endings?

A: Yes, all the same endings as in TES2: Daggerfall.

Q: Can I fail this main quest?

A: No, that's impossible. No matter what happens, it'll always be winnable.

Q: Karethys isn't showing up at any of the shrines, what's wrong?

A: If you have the Roleplay and Realism mod version 1.1 installed, it may interfere with location detection. Downgrade Roleplay and Realism to 1.02 and it should work.

Q: I'm getting trounced by some of the enemies here.

A: There are no minimum level requirements for the main quest. If you're getting killed, slow down and level up or get better gear. There are no timers.

Q: I met Karethys in some random shrine instead of the one she said, is that a bug?

A: That's intended. Just consider it a nice shortcut.

Q: Why is this a beta?

A: It doesn't have all the features I want to include, but I released it anyway. I don't think it has any bugs but feedback is welcome.

Q: Is there any way to stop the attacks on the capital cities?

A: Nope. Such is the price they pay.

Q: Are you planning on doing any more work on this mod?

A: I simply can't think of any more good ideas for it. I'm somewhere around "hell freezing over" with this thing. If a REALLY good idea strikes me I could keep going with it, but for now I'm content with just one functional storyline.


TheLacus, without whose Quest Editor this would be incredibly frustrating or impossible

Kamer, for always raising our sights a little higher

DFIronman, for programming several quest actions I used in this, and Hazelnut for implementing them in DFU core

Ralzar, for making a random subreddit post that made me say I could do this

Interkarma, for always being so darn selfless

Bethesda, for giving us a game as wide and open as the ocean itself

The Discord mods at Lysandus' Tomb, who do a fantastic job.