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Combines sneaking and crouching together as one single action.

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Sneak and Crouch Combined
[Updated 10/19/2020, 0.10.27]

After growing tired of hearing the numerous requests to have this in the game, I decided to take this into my own hands. This mod merges sneaking and crouching together as a single action. Happy now? :P

In the vanilla mechanics, sneaking will slow down your speed. Crouching will also lower your speed and make you duck. Crouching and sneaking together can be done, and will both lower your speed and sound, but you must press the buttons independently. This mod is essentially a shortcut that simplifies this process by allowing the 'sneak' or 'crouch' button to activate both actions - it doesn't matter which one you press. This gives a more familiar "modern" way of playing stealth in other video games.

No keybind edits, no setting changes, no configuration required. It will forcefully override the "Toggle Sneak" option, but it won't modify your setting for it. You can still run while crouching, and it will immediately revert back into sneaking once the running has stopped.

UPDATE 1.1: Updated to 0.10.27 for minor fix as a result of the crouch action activating on key-down