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This mod enhances the visual fidelity of the graphics while preserving the art style of the original game. For now, the various asset categories are packaged separately until I have more of the project complete so you can download them a la carte, but I will consolidate them into one PVE Master Mod later on for download convenience.

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Pure Vanilla Extract (PVE) is a project that seeks to enhance Daggerfall graphics to 4x the original resolution while maintaining the best possible parity to the source assets.  PVE uses mostly artificial intelligence to upscale the graphics with artistic touch-ups as needed.

This particular branch of PVE contains only the MOBs (mobile enemies) and most textures. I will consolidate all available packs as they are completed into a PVE Master Mod for convenience. 

Note: It has been noted that the Ghosts and Wraiths in the MOBs pack are not rendering correctly.  The transparent shader that they rely on is not working in DFU at the moment.  This will be fixed in a future DFU update.

Note: These MOBs are currently being used in the DREAM mod.  There is no need to install this mod unless you need to lower your RAM/VRAM usage as these MOBs are half the resolution used in DREAM.
The textures are lower quality, but closer to original Daggerfall style than DREAM and also require less memory.