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Removes levelscaling from weapon/armor generation.

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Unleveled Loot

This mod is still a work in progress. The odds of material types will probably need a lot of tweaking as I get feedback.

Basic Premise:

Material drop chances are static across all player levels. The chances are affected by the Luck attribute and location.

Higher tier armors are made rarer. Daedric and Orcish to the point of generally needing a lot of luck.

Shop stock is based on shop quality. Shops generally have Steel with the occasional silver, elven and dwarven.. Low-quality shops have Iron. Higher quality shops might have Mithril, Adamantium and Ebony.

Daedras will have a small luck-based chance of dropping one daedric item.

Orsinium and Orc dungeons will have a slightly increased chance of orcish.

Gold piles are de-scaled, which means enemies will not drop increasingly larger gold piles as you level up.