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Adds roads and dirt tracks to the world of Daggerfall, which can be travelled upon if you use my Travel Options mod.
(NOTE: Roads show on the ingame travel map only if using Travel Options)

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This mod adds roads and dirt tracks to the world of Daggerfall, connecting together towns and cities. Roads ring locations they intersect, since the roads don't line up with city gates. This is because the implementation is simple so that it adds very little overhead to the DFU terrain generation and should run on any system that can run the base game. Someone may create a fancy roads mod in the future I expect, which will require higher spec systems, but Basic Roads will always be available.

The roads are integrated with my other mod Travel Options allowing time accelerated travel along paths by pressing a configurable key to start and stop path following. The roads that encircle locations can be circumnavigated as well, and following will stop when a junction is reached. Following roads give all the benefits of cautious travel but without any speed penalty. Dirt tracks are not visible in winter when the ground is covered by snow, which is realistic, but not very user friendly so I plan to add a download with some textures to make them visible for anyone who wants that.

See the WIP forum thread for more details about how this works, as well as progress on adding roads and tracks to the various regions: viewtopic.php?p=46530

Dirt tracks are not visible in winter as they are covered by snow. If you prefer to be able to see tracks slightly, then install the additional winter visibility textures. This will cause random lines to appear in the snow but you will be able to see the tracks visibly helping playability especially if using travel options to follow paths. Note that this is only for temperate climates, but if this is popular then I will add mountain sets.

Comment from SonOfKrampus regarding mod compatibility:

I recently installed a heckload of mods following some of Jwlar's mod lists, and ended up seeing a bunch of empty textures popping up all over the snowy hillsides of daggerfall, including (but not exclusively) where the "visible winter track paths" were supposed to be

The error was that the loose textures in the texture folder are not the same resolution as the Vanilla Enhanced Textures, a texture replacing. This results in an empty texture being rendered instead of the texture in the folder.

If you are using Vanilla Enhanced textures, simply do not install the "Visible Winter Tracks" texture files included as an optional download on this Basic Roads mod page. Instead, use the "vanilla enhanced - winter tracks.dfmod" included as an optional download on the Vanilla Enhanced mod page. I repeat, do not install the loose textures included on this page for winter tracks if you are using Vanilla Enhanced, they are not compatible with Vanilla Enhanced and will result in blank textures popping up all over the winter terrain.

If you install "vanilla enhanced - winter tracks.dfmod" alongside the other files you can download here, everything works beautifully.