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Fleshes out and rebalances the lycanthropy effects of the game, making them more roleplaying flavoured and less overpowered.

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Lousy Lycans

Some general gameplay tips for this mod:

If you are warned of a full moon while above ground:
Find somewhere you can safely store your equipment while you are out of control.
This is: Your wagon, a tavern room rented for 2 days, your ship or your house.
(If none of these are available to you, find a dungeon to hole up in.)
Unequip everything except jewelry so you do not rip the item during transformation.
Once you wake up naked, there will be a dead victim nearby. Search the body for clothes and equipment.
Run back to where you stored your equipment, equip yourself and continue your journey.

If you are warned of a full moon while in a dungeon:
Return to the exit before midnight. If you have a wagon, stick all items in the wagon.
Unequip everything except jewelry so you do not damage the items during transformation.
Once you wake up, find your equipment and reequip.
While in beast form you have killed a number of enemies in the dungeon.
Go find them and loot the corpses.


Human form
+10 Agility
+10 Speed

Beast form
+40 Agility
+40 Speed
+10 Strength
+10 Endurance


Human form
+10 Strength
+10 Endurance

Beast form
+40 Strength
+40 Endurance
+10 Agility
+10 Speed

General Beastform

  • Entering beast form makes you drop all equipment. (Except quest items and spell book)
  • +30 to Swimming, Running, Climbing, Jumping, Stealth, Hand To Hand and Critical Strike (like Vanilla)
  • +30 to Dodging
  • Reduce all language skills, pickpocket and lockpicking to 0% while in beast form.
  • Reduce Magica to 0.
  • Grants fatigue regeneration.
  • Grants nightvision.
  • Pacifies werecreatures

General Human form

  • Skill buffs is only +5.
  • The day before a full moon, the player is warned that one of the moons is waxing.
  • During full moon, player loses a day and wakes up in a random spot nearby.
  • During full moon, when turning , the player rips off his clothes and armor, damaging them, and drops all items except jewelry.
  • If in a dungeon during full moon, the player will wake up at the exit, having killed a random number or enemies in the dungeon.
  • Losing control during full moon makes the Need To Hunt The Innocent reset.
  • Ring Of Hircine lets players keep control during full moon, but only if they stay human.