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Everything is optional. The Ironman Module Pack provides fun, realistic, and sensible options - and also some quality of life features. Hotkeys for spells and magic items, an optional perma-death/no reload mode, a massively overhauled crime system (you can now be charged with multiple crimes), a new loan system (with bounty hunters), and much more.

Permissions and credits
The Ironman Module Pack v0.3.0 (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Read readme.txt for in-depth information on every feature, including formulas. All options are enabled by default.

NOTE: The Ironman game mode (perma-death/no reload) is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL as are virtually all changes in this mod pack. THIS MOD WILL NOT DELETE ANY SAVES UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING AN IRONMAN CHARACTER. Any save under that character's name (and ONLY that character's name) will be deleted. All modules can be used independently of each other.


Read the readme for more in-depth info, including formulas.
This game module allows you to OPTIONALLY play Daggerfall in "Ironman" mode. This is a perma-death/no reload game mode that requires the creation of a new character.

Do not reuse character names for Ironman characters. All saves under the Ironman character's name will be deleted when the Ironman character dies, including any saves under the Ironman character's name that are not Ironman saves.

OPTIONAL: Show Ironman Notice When Starting New Games
You will be prompted at the start of every NEW game (i.e. after character creation) to agree that you understand how the save deletion feature works for Ironman mode games.

[Ironman Crime Systems]

Read the readme for more in-depth info, including formulas
This game module supplies a number of gameplay options related to Daggerfall's crime system.
Information on each setting is listed below.

OPTIONAL: Enable New Crime and Court System
When enabled, the player can be charged with multiple crimes and multiple counts of crimes. Crimes are tracked by region, so you can be a saint in Wayrest and Sentinel's Most Wanted. This also adds support for automatic execution for lycanthropes who are arrested in beast form, and vampires (though vampires do have a chance at a fair trial). Lycanthropes who are arrested in human form and go to prison will attempt to break out during a full moon.

OPTIONAL: Enable New Shop Burglary System
When enabled, there is a persistent chance (based on luck and stealth) that you will trigger the guards when walking around a closed shop. Also, you can no longer freely loot the shelves as there's now a skill/stat check (pickpocket, luck, and agility) - but it's significantly easier to steal items when the shop is closed thanks to the luck and agility factor.

OPTIONAL: Enable New Loan System
When enabled, the max loan formula is upgraded to be based on a number of different factors. Additionally, if you own a home in the region you received the loan, banks will foreclose on it when you default on your loan. If the loan isn't fully paid off after that or if you did not own a home, bounty hunters will attempt to kill you until you pay off the loan or die.

OPTIONAL: Allow Execution As Punishment
When enabled, characters can be executed by the legal system.

OPTIONAL: Guards Can Confiscate Items By Region
Guards will confiscate any items from their region that were not successfully stolen (i.e. guards came when you stole the item, but you ran away) until a certain amount of time (based on the item's value and other factors) has passed.

OPTIONAL: Guards Can Be Better Equipped
If enabled, and the player is a vampire or a transformed lycanthrope, guards have a chance to spawn with a silver/elven/dwarven weapon (or no change at all). Guards will not spawn with silver/elven/dwarven bows/daggers/tantos.

OPTIONAL: Prevent Guard Pacification
Guards will be pacified momentarily, and then released from your implausible charms.

OPTIONAL: Can Surrender Once Identified
Guards no longer need to hit you in order to bring up the surrender prompt and lower your reputation score. Due to an engine limitation, this is forced on when "Enable New Crime and Court System" is enabled.

[Ironman Game Systems]

Read the readme for more in-depth info, including formulas.
This game module supplies a number of options that modify gameplay.
Information on each setting is listed below.

OPTIONAL: Disable Pausing
Gameplay will NEVER be paused outside of a Quest-generated message box (i.e. dialogue), the Court/Prison windows, and the Ironman message boxes at the start of the game.

OPTIONAL: Disable Quitting Near Enemies
Prevents you from quitting the game while enemies are nearby.

OPTIONAL: Disable Recalling Near Enemies
Prevents you from being able to recall while enemies are nearby. You will still be able to set an anchor.

OPTIONAL: Disable Transport Near Enemies
You will not be able to change your method of transport while on-foot if enemies are nearby. If enemies are nearby, and you are mounted, you may dismount; but you will not be able to mount a horse again until you're clear of any enemies.

OPTIONAL: Disable Resting On Horseback
Prevents you from resting while you're on horseback.

OPTIONAL: Can Fall Off Horse When Damaged
When enabled, there is a chance you will fall off of your horse when taking damage. This chance is based
on strength, willpower, agility, endurance, luck, and the number of nearby enemies who have you in sight.

OPTIONAL: Enemies Transition With You
Any non-quest enemy will follow you in and out of buildings and dungeons. In order for an enemy to transition with you, you must be that enemy's current target.

OPTIONAL: Use New Hand to Hand Formulas
When enabled, your hand-to-hand damage is based on your hand-to-hand skill level. You will also receive a bonus to-hit, based on skill level.

OPTIONAL: Use Material Checks in Hand To Hand
The material of your plate gauntlets will affect the kind of enemies you can hit. If you are not wearing PLATE gauntlets, you will hit with an "effective material" based on your hand-to-hand skill, expertise in hand-to-hand, and whether or not you're a transformed lycanthrope.

OPTIONAL: Fix Forbidden Weaponry Hand To Hand
With the "Forbidden Weaponry: Hand-to-Hand" disadvantage, you will do 0 damage when punching and kicking. Lycanthropy overrides this disadvantage in either human or beast form.

OPTIONAL: No Wereform Bonuses as Human
You will not receive any stat and skill bonuses from lycanthropy when in human form.

OPTIONAL: Prevent Casting in Wereform
If enabled, you will not be able to cast spells OR use magic items while transformed. When transformed, you will be asked if you want to transform back to human form when you attempt to open your spellbook or use a magic item.

OPTIONAL: Limit Number of Quests From Guilds
When enabled, there will be a finite number of quests that you can be offered from a specific guild BUILDING (not guild or npc) during a period of time. The pool of available quests is randomly reset every 1-7 days.

OPTIONAL: Nerf Ebony Dagger Question
At character generation, the ebony dagger option is replaced with a silver dagger.

OPTIONAL: Modify Critical Strike
Critical Strike no longer grants a to-hit bonus. It, instead, now has a chance to increase your damage by up to 2.0x with 100% Critical Strike skill (though, it will scale with higher Critical Strike, as well). Enemies with critical strike skill will benefit from this as well.

[Ironman Hotkeys]

Read the readme for more in-depth info, including formulas.
This game module adds the "Reuse Magic Item" feature and binding of spells and magic items to hotkeys.

Setting Hotkeys
Right-clicking on the name of a spell (in the spellbook) or magic item (in the use magic item window) will allow you to bind a hotkey to that spell or magic item. Don't bind hotkeys to keys that are already being used. If you do, both functions will be triggered.

Reuse Magic Item
Works pretty much the same way as Recast Spell (default: 'Q'). The default key is backlash ('\'), mostly because it's unlikely to be bound. Don't bind this to a key that's already being used by DFU. If you do, both functions will be triggered.

OPTIONAL: Hotkeys Cast Spells Immediately
If this option is enabled, whenever you press a spell hotkey, the associated spell will immediately be cast (or armed to cast). If disabled, pressing a spell hotkey will set the spell for "Recast Spell" (default: 'Q') to the hotkeyed spell.

OPTIONAL: Hotkeys Use Magic Items Immediately
If this option is enabled, whenever you press a magic item hotkey, the associated item will immediately be used (or armed to use). If this option is disabled, pressing a magic item hotkey will set the item for "Reuse Magic Item" (default: '\') to the hotkeyed magic item.

Allows you to change the key binding of "Reuse Magic Item" - however, in this case, you will need to type in the name of the key you want to use in order to have DFU properly recognize it. Valid key names are included in the text file, "Key Codes for Binding.txt" and must be entered exactly as displayed (case-sensitive).

OPTIONAL: Mouse Wheel Scrolls Through Spell Hotkeys
When enabled, scrolling with the mousewheel will select the next spell in your hotkey list. When selected, your "Recast Spell" key will be assigned to the spell you chose via mousewheel scrolling.

OPTIONAL: Mouse Wheel Scrolls Through Magic Item Hotkeys
When enabled, scrolling with the mousewheel will select the next magic item in your hotkey list. When selected, your "Reuse Magic Item" key will be assigned to the magic item you chose via mousewheel scrolling.


Copy the contents of the folder matching your operating system (i.e. StandaloneWindows for Windows users) to your Daggerfall\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder.


  • For best results, put all Ironman mod files at the bottom of your mod list. Failure to do so may result in various features being overridden by other mods.
  • Will not work with Tedious Travel, however should work fine with Hazelnut's Travel Options mod


[FAQ - Ironman]

Q: Can I convert a previously-created character to an Ironman (perma-death/no reload) character?
A: No. A new character must be created to play an Ironman game.

Q: What if I want to play a non-Ironman game. Do I need to disable the mod?
A: No. When you start a new game, just select "No" when the mod asks if you want to play in Ironman mode.

Q: Will this mod affect my other saves?

Q: My game bugged out and I have a backup save that can correct the issue, but I can't load it. Help?
A: From the main menu, click Load Game, and then hold down the SHIFT key.

Q: I died and all saves under my character's name except for the "(Ironman) Start" save were deleted!

Q: When I press my Quicksave key, I see the game has saved, but I don't see a Quicksave in my saves list?
A: For Ironman games, "Quicksave" is renamed to "(Ironman) Quicksave"

Q: Why can't I delete the most-recent save for my Ironman character?
A: You must delete all other saves for the character before deleting its most-recent Ironman save.

Q: Why can't I delete my "(Ironman) Start" save?
A: All saves under the character's name must be deleted before you can delete the "(Ironman) Start" save.

Q: Why can't I save over my "(Ironman) Start" save?
A: Because it's your starting point. The start save only exists to save you time in character creation.

Q: Why can't I load my "(Ironman) Start" save?
A: You have a more recent save. All other saves for the character must be deleted first.

Q: Why can't I rename any of my Ironman-mode saves?
A: Renaming is disabled for Ironman save files.

Q: Why won't the load button on the in-game pause menu work in Ironman-mode games?
A: You cannot load games (including quickloading) when playing an Ironman game.

[FAQ - Ironman Crime Systems]

Q: Are all options for Ironman Crime Systems enabled by default?
A: Yes. If you don't like an option introduced in a new version, you'll have to disable it manually.

Q: I have "Can Surrender Once Identified" enabled. How do guards "identify" me?
A: A guard will not be able to identify you unless they're fairly close to you and your back is not
FULLY turned to them. However, they will be able to identify you when your back is turned to them once
your legal reputation in the region is -10 or below. Helms or other facial coverings currently have no
effect on the guards' ability to identify you.

Q: I was in a shop after hours, and guards attacked me! I didn't steal anything, so why did this happen?
A: With "Enable New Shop Burglary System" enabled, there's always a chance that guards will attempt to
arrest you for Breaking & Entering. The chance to NOT have that happen is (((Luck * 2.5) / 5) + Stealth).
With 50 Luck and 75 Stealth, guards will not come; and with 100 Luck and 50 Stealth, guards will not come.
Any sufficiently high combination of Luck and Stealth should ensure that you can browse the shop freely.

Q: A judge just sentenced me to be executed. How did that happen?
A: Among many other things, Ironman Crime Systems adds the option to be executed for certain crimes.

Q: Are my crimes tracked by region or globally?
A: By region. If you murder someone in Daggerfall, Wayrest won't know about it.

Q: I'm a vampire or a lycanthrope in wereform and most/all town guards are actually able to hurt me.
A: Yes, this is due to the "Guards Can Be Better Equipped" option. Disable it if you prefer.

Q: I stole an item in Wayrest and got arrested there. When I was released, the item was gone.
A: Guards can now confiscate stolen items. See the "Guards Can Confiscate Items By Region" section.

Q: My home is gone and my bank account has a lot more money in it. Yes, "Enable New Loan System" is on.
A: You must have let a loan in that region default. The bank foreclosed on your home. Don't default.