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Standalone store focused on my HoloPlugins! Can expect more holo-addition in the future :3

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The RVC00N's Plugins
 Virtual Atelier Store 

🟨 Currently Available in Store 🟨

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Bird Sneaky Mask
Bird Plague Mask

Devil Horns
Angel Halo

Baphomet Horns
Succubus Horns
Demon Horns

Wyvern Warrior Horns
Wyvern Worker Horns
Wyvern Queen Horns

Wolf Ears
Cat Ears
Bunny Ears

Wolf Mask
Cat Mask
Bunny Mask

Bat Wings
Owl Wings
Sparrow Wings

Fancy Adorable Bow
Fancy Pretty Bow
Fancy Handsome TopHat

Parade Dragon Mask
Parade Fox Mask
Parade Phoenix Mask

Skull Eyes Model
Skull Forehead Model
Skull Nose Model

> TAIL <

Cat Tail

Dragon Tail

🟨 Installation 🟨

Grab and install the main Virtual Atelier mod and its requirements
Download my mod and unzip the content in your Cyberpunk2077 installation folder

To remove it, simply delete the files from your folders

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