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remove sunny weather

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Update for 1.5x
-mod updated for 1.5x, the same limitations apply, chose one option !
-fixed the rain version now, rain should be properly displayed with the proper shaders, because this verions work differently than the other weather states, the weather hase to cycle first for it to load, try passing time a bit
-if you use the rain version, the mod become incompatible with other mods that modify the master env

Update 1.1 :

- update for game version 1.12
- fixed the rain shader
- if your save file is stuck on sunny weather, skip time for 24hrs straight, then a hour or two for the climate cycle to relaunch itself, this is not caused by the mod, it just can happen

Incompatibility :

the mod is not compatible with mods that change the game's master env !

Replace sunny weather with one of theses options : fog, pollution, toxic fog, clouds, overcast, rain

this is done by simply replacing the sunny weather with one option, and since sunny weather is the most used by default, whatever you chose become the most used in game

note that the weather still work normally and will still cycle, you just wont see flat clear sunny weather anymore, or very rarely

Installation :

-chose one option and copy the file in your installation folder as follow : Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
-if you dont have a mod folder yet just create one
-you need to pass time a bit for the weather change to take effect

What does what :
Pollution : brown polluted fog in the city
Fog : simply white dense fog
Rain : just rain .. note that the rain shader is buggy like in W3, you hear it but you dont see it sometimes
Toxic fog : dense yellow/orange fog
Overcast : dense thick clouds covering everything
Clouds : slightly less dense version of overcast with occasional breaches of sun light

Mod limitation :
for some reasons the changes dont take effect in north side, bad lands is a mixed bag depending how far you are to the city, will investigate this more once we got advanced modding tools

*made with CP77Tools
*Special thanks to alphaZomega for his parsing script
*Big up and thanks to the amazing modding tools creators and all the contributors
Rfuzzo, Yamashi, Gibbed and all of CP77 modding tools discord and RedKids crew