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Adds a new quest to the game. Requirements: Romanced Judy, Judy stays in NC, had a positive conversation with Judy's Abuela

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
Adds a new quest to the game. Natively (non scripting) so it works just like any base game quest.
This new quest is/was an experiment in modding a whole new quest with new waypoints, structure, features like time/weather changing, vehicle and character spawning, failure state and more. A lot more complexity than Hot Fuzz or One More LIght.
Requires Deceptious Quest Core, ArchiveXL, and TweakXL


ArchiveXL needs to be at least version 1.4.1 for the map/gps tracking to work
GPS locating is currently broken in ArchiveXL and game 2.0+, the quest still works, see the video if you need help finding where to go.

Ray Tracing Warning:
Judy may appear metalic/shiny during the sunset scene when using just RayTracing. This is some kind of base Cyberpunk problem with regular RayTracing, it's fine/normal with PathTracing enabled or RayTracing disabled.

Quest requirements:
Romanced Judy, Judy stays in NC, had a positive conversation with Judy's Abuela
Quest can trigger once at least 24 hours have passed since the final romance text messages from Judy, and at least 24 hours after installing the mod.
If you have Hot Fuzz installed too there is a 36 hour delay between this quest and that one, no matter the order you get them.

Quest extras:
You can fail this quest! If you try to leave the quest area it will fail, but it does give you plenty of warning!
This quest has an optional step, I was experimenting with new features on this one vs Hot Fuzz.

Quest spoilers:
Meet Judy near the dam, watch the sunset with her, even hug her, then wake up with her in her apartment. Scene lasts ~2:30 from sitting down. Quest begins with a text from her.

Ko-Fi link:
Really like my mod(s)?: Ko-Fi: Deceptious

Unzip the main zip into "Cyberpunk 2077" folder so that the .archive ends up in the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder

Delete the Californication.archive file from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.

I tested uninstalling these quests mods when complete, active, and pending activation. I found no problems beyond your save title being a LocKey code if you had one of them active at the time.

How to "use" the mod?
Once installed with Deceptious Quest Core visit V's H10 apartment to activate it. Once 24hours have passed since both the activate and the text message prerequisite then you will at somepoint recieve a text from Judy, this starts the quest.

Convinced that the quest should have activated by now?
  • Make sure ArchiveXL is working correctly and that the .archive.xl file is present
  • Use the following CET console command:
    Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr("deceptious_quest_03", 1)
  • Restart the process from the ' V's H10 apartment to activate it' step

The above fact command can also be used to replay the quest if you really want to, if you already completed it before 2.1.0 it may not work, in which case you need to:
  • Uninstall the mod
  • Enter V's H10 apartment (leave first if already there)
  • Save
  • Reinstall the mod
  • Enter V's H10 apartment; now it will either start again or the command will now work

This is a (very) complex mod, and there's only so much testing I can do myself. Please report any serious issues as bugs on the bugs tab please.


Compatibility risks:
None, this is what the Deceptious Quest Core is for.
This mod/quest works with Judy Romanced Enhanced.

If you drove to the location, when you wait it will despawn your vehicle(s). I couldn't get reparking it to work yet, but this was a cleaner option than the potential clipping mess...
The ambient audio seems to cut out abruptly when sitting down, I think this is the music mix kicking in, not sure i can do anything about this.
Brief "shower" sound at the end of the quest: This is an issue from Judy Romanced Enhanced, if I can fix it it will be part of that mod not this one.


If anyone finds any bugs beyond what's listed in in Issues/Limitations, please let me know on the bugs tab!