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A collab shop for Anrui and Breezypunk <3

Permissions and credits
- Silver Breezy -
Opening a collab atelier store for myself and Breezypunk!

We are gonna focus on converting her clothing to Archive XL (so many!) alongside working on new clothing options, may refit said clothing to the gender it isn't available to and making even more recolors :D So stay tuned!

Please leave a comment with the clothing you'd like to see get converted so we may prioritize it!

This mod does nothing on its own! You gotta download clothes from their pages or nothing will show up in the store!

Extra fem fits - Available - * Extra male fits
EBB / EBBB / RBSpike Vest - GYM
🔸 Long Spike Boots 🔸
🔸 Johnny Alt Boots** 🔸
EBBEvelyn's Short Coat - GYM
RB / LSH / PVRogue Pants Recolors and Variations - GYM
EBBAlt Jacket Recolors and Variations - GYM
🔸 Rogue Boots 🔸
EBBCorset Tank
EBB / EBBB / RBBoho Dress and Variants
RBAlt Pants Recolors and Variations
Casual Sneakers
EBB(P) / EBBB(P) / RB - Layered Dress Variants Collection - P1 - Anrui Edition

EBB(P) / EBBB(P) / RB - El Capitan Tank
🔸 Alt Boots 🔸

EBB(P) / EBBB(P) / RB - Layered Dress Variants Collection - P2 - Breezy Edition
Knee high boots
 🔸 Kerry boots 🔸
Layered Dress Variants pt. 3 - Skirts Edition

- Refit packs -
In optional files you'll find single files with refits per body mod
Body mods supported: EBB, EBBB and RB
Refits will continue to go individually to their respective modpages, but if you don't want a bunch of extra archives I do recommend installing the pack instead
The packs do nothing on their own, they'll still need the main file from the mods
Hope you peeps like the convenience of these packs <3

BOOBA Model: Vero (Private) by Shaundi
(Public) by Anrui
BUTT Model: Quinn (Public) by Anrui - Look1

- Installation -
Install the requirements
 Virtual Atelier mod and its requirements
Drag the files to  *:\Cyberpunk 2077\

To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

EBBB - Hyst's Enhanced Breasts + Big Butt
EBB - Hyst's Enhanced Big Breasts
RB - Hyst's Realistic Butt
LSH - Lion's Lush Body
PV - Project Valentine
GYM - Gymfiend
EBB(P) - Hyst's Enhanced Big Breasts + PUSH
EBBB(P) - Hyst's Enhanced Big Breasts + Big Butt + PUSH
🔸 - With Garment Support
Thanks Zwei for the original conversion!

Accessories Atelier!