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Finally a better minimap, the default one is utter trash isn't it? Please let me know of you find bugs or if you have suggestions!
>> GitHub <<

  • Bigger Minimap
  • Transparent Minimap
  • No Minimap Border
  • Compass Only Mode

Zoom out options:(Most zoomed-in => Most zoomed out)
  • Slight Zoom Out
  • Medium Zoom Out
  • Big Zoom Out
  • Ultra Zoom Out
These are ALL more zoomed OUT than the original minimap!!!

Using Installer (NO Vortex):
The Installer lets you choose every option in detail
1) Download and extract the Installer file from here
2) Run "BetterMinimap-Installer.exe"
3) Choose your options and click "Install!"
To change options just select what you want in the installer and click install

Using Vortex:
Using the Vortex file you can choose between the presets. For more customization use the Installer
1) Download the Vortex file from here
2) Click install in Vortex
3) You will see an install menu, choose your options and click finish
To change options just UNINSTALL (NOT Disable) and reinstall from Vortex

Using Presets:
The presets only contain the single mod file and provide less customization
1) Download and extract the preset file from here
2) Drag the archive folder into your "Cyberpunk 2077" game folder
To change options you need to remove the old file, download a new one and install like said above
Preset styles:
  • Custom: bigger minimap, no border, zoom
  • Transparent: transparent minimap, zoom
  • Zoom Only: zoom
  • Compass Only: no minimap, just compass

Patch 1.12 or earlier:
If you are on game patch 1.12 or earlier you will need to rename "archive\pc\mod" to "archive\pc\patch" and add "basegame_" in from of the .archive filename

Using Installer: Download the new installer version and install like normal
Using Vortex: Update via Vortex (you will be asked to choose your options again)
Using Presets: Remove the old file and install the new one

Known Issues:
  • Might conflict with Superior UI, E3 HUD and any other HUD / interface mod that changes the minimap
  • 1.5 inkwidget files cannot be edited yet, for now this mod still uses the minimap.inkwidget file from patch 1.3. This means that some things are broken: waypoint paths are invisible, cursor for controller is invisible

1) Tested on patch 1.5 (see known issues above)
2) This mod is very old and I keep is "updated" only because of the popularity. There are much better alternatives like djkovrik's Improved Minimap Zoom for zoom, spicy2332's Mighty Minimap for size and Inuktiplater's Superior UI, among many other UI mods, for style and design.

With CET 1.14.0 and later the minimap flickering can be fixed!
1) Update your CET
2) Go to its Settings
3) Enable "Fix Minimap Flicker" option
4) Click "Save"
5) Restart the game

The minimap content not loading far away can be fixed with DistanceFix, however this fix is very inconsistent and on some systems it can cause severe rendering issues. I suggest you try it and remove it if you run into problems.

If you're interested in learning more about modding CP77 or want to help out in any way feel free to join our Discord Server!