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A larger-than-usual-scale recolor with UI shape changes and a recolored 3D world map.

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and if i have to remake the whole damn thing again, ya'll don't wanna know what will happen

The majority of UI elements have been recolored to a more simple white-on-black scheme, plus many UI shapes have been redone to fit the general "line" aesthetic.

The world map is also no longer a pain to look at and has 3 different variants: dark buildings, white buildings, and no buildings. I've also included a no buildings + vanilla UI version.

It is a very nice UI, and you will like it. Or else.

Pick a .archive file of your choice and drop it in "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod"

1.35 -

-Fixed UI colors where text on sliders, map filters, etc. would be unreadable, all credits to Hetzabot
- This patch is not built into the main mod itself. It is located in the "OPTIONAL" folder (or in the Superior UI Optionals Standalone file)
   as 00_SUI_1.61ColorFix.archive

1.34 -

- Compatibility patch for Hide Your Gear by djkovrik
- Fixed the new crosshair added to the world map specific to users playing on a gamepad

1.33 -

- Minimap hotfix

1.32 -

- Fixed for patch 1.5
- Previous versions of the mod are still available if you are still playing on earlier versions of the game
- IMPORTANT!!! Names for all files have been changed for the sake of organization, cleanliness, and structure. Do NOT alter the file naming scheme.

1.31 -

- Fixed for patch 1.3. Yay
    - IF YOU'RE STILL ON 1.23, the old mod files are still available under "Old Files"
- Fixed the mouse pointer (optional file), as well as made it smaller and more precise
- Minimap roads restoration file moved to "Old Files" because CDPR borked a certain file and I have not found any workarounds

1.3 -
- New custom title screen
- Voices no longer play when first loading a save upon booting the game
- Replaced difficulty images when starting a new game
- Replaced lifepath portraits and preview videos when starting a new game
- There is now a red star indicating an item is "Iconic"

- Fixed caller window (it was too small in 1.2 and the caller portraits would clip through)
- Unaware enemies on the minimap now appear light blue. Aware and hostile enemies appear red. The minimap turns light red while in combat.
- Crouch/standing indicator icon removed
- "Superior UI - Item Rarity Colros Intact" file removed. Now there's just one main file, and item rarity colors have been made an optional file to put on top     of that.
- "Rarity Colors - Alternate" file added

1.2 -
- Changed weapon wheel
         - Changed character/perk menu UI
         - Improved scanning/camera/quickhack UI
         - B&W caller avatars + portrait shapes
         - Changed character creation shapes
         - Advancing dialogue options changed from salmon red to normal red
         - Added new optional file: Green Scanner Tint Remover

1.14 - Black menu background fixed for users playing in 4K. Dark buildings/rarity colors now updated properly (wasn't included in 1.13 for whatever reason)

1.13 - Adjusted more colors, changed more UI shapes

1.1 - Restored removed elements, mod is now fully compatible with patch 1.2. Some colors were fixed. Added new mouse pointer (optional file).

1.01? - Added a temporary fix version of the mod that works with patch 1.2. Removes some elements that will be restored once a new version of CP77Tools comes out.

1.01 - Health bar made more readable

1.0 - Release

Thanks to Spicy for figuring out how to remove the scanlines