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Now having a good night's sleep, relaxing, taking a shower, and drinking a cup of coffee to start a day in your luxurious apartment will be worth your time and reward you more in-game.

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After my last (and also first) mod, someone asked me if I could tweak the apartment buff. Well, here we are.

So, what this mod does:

All the house buffs now last 2,5 hours instead of 1.

Sleeping in your warm and comfy bed now gives you %25 more skill exp, instead of 20

Getting a nice and relaxing shower still allows regen in combat, and it really doesn't do more than that tbh. It refreshes up to 60% but you can further increase it with perks. 

Before going out in the big and wild world of NC, getting yourself some coffee now gives you %30 more max stamina and %40 more stamina regen. Instead of %20 max stamina and %25 more regen.

Note: Game wont display the time correctly, it has a strange way of displaying durations. As far as I get it, you will see a 30min buff but when it ends it will give you 1-hour buff, and when it ends it will give you another 1-hour buffs, its like the game cant show more than 59.59 mins for duration so it stacks them and show the remaining one by one.

Installation: Simply put the contents of the zip file inside your "CyberPunk 2077" file. Just like any other mod truly.

Incompatibilities: No known! Let me know if you find any!