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Adjusts vehicle speedometers to more accurately reflect the driving speed. Also makes it possible to display the speed in mph or km/h.

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Accurate Speedometer
The speedometer in Cyberpunk 2077 is wildly inaccurate and greatly exaggerates the speed at which you're actually driving. It feels unrealistic to see 150mph on your display when it barely feels like you're driving over 70mph.
This mod adjusts the speed displayed on the HUD and vehicle interiors to a much more accurate value. The modifier is based on personal testing and comparison to real world driving, but can tweaked to suit your individual preference.

KM/H mode
You can also change from displaying in miles per hour (mph) to kilometers per hour (km/h), which will adjust the values according. It won't change any car interiors that have a mph label to showing a km/h label.

This mod does not change the actual driving speed of any vehicles, only what's displayed on the HUD.

This mod requires Redscript to work. Make sure it is installed first.
Next, extract the contents of into your Cyberpunk2077 directory.

You can tweak the mod's settings by editing the AccurateSpeedometerConfig file using a text editor (e.g. Notepad).

This mod is possible thanks to Redscript and the CP 2077 source.
The source code for this mod is available here