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Alters crowd movement and spawning, traffic behavior and spawning, enemy search mechanics and streaming systems in Cyberpunk 2077

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Thanks to awpsolete's Cyber Engine Tweaks and stoker25's dump of the INI and EXE settings dump Ive been able to test out all the various values in the INI files in realtime to better figure out what does what.  I think I have the current crowd system working quite smoothly now with much more natural flow compared to the default setup.   Unfortunately the simple systems at play for crowds and traffic can't be magically made more complex by changing a few values but I did find a way to make the world feel a little more dynamic.

It appears when NPC's are spawned on the streets there are 2 types, ones that are just walking along the road, and ones that will interact with something (a seat, vending machine, store etc). The walking ones might use a set of lights and cross the road and then just walk around, or just walk around on the street/area they spawned in. The other ones will walk around and interact with something (or sometimes spawn already sitting/using) then go back to walking around but they will stay on the same street/area.
There is a third type which are static NPC's like the mission enemies, however these never move and if you look away for long enough and look back, they will change who they are, but otherwise be doing the same thing.

In the previous versions of this mod I had increased the despawn time to 3 minutes off screen so that even when your not looking at the NPC's they stay around. 
The issue with this is that if you stick in an area for a while and the NPC's keep walking into view and out again they will all eventually just start walking around on the street and not doing anything or crossing the roads. This fills up the NPC count for the area your in and so no new ones are spawned to do something. 
This results in them walking back and forth along the street infront of you, and if the street is not long enough they will do it indefinately.

This time around I've made 3 different versions of the crowd mod, with fast, default and long-term despawn timing.

With Fast the NPC's will despawn after 5 seconds of being out of sight unless they are within 15m of you, then its 30 seconds out of sight before they despawn
This means that NPC's are constantly being renewed and then replaced with new NPC's elsewhere around the player. These new NPC's may interact with something or cross at the lights and once they get close they become slightly more permanent, filling up the players immediate area.  The downside is that people change around you if you look a way for more than a moment.

With Slow the NPC's despawn after 5 minutes or 10 minutes if near you. This means that for the most part NPC's won't change even if you look a way for a while or go into a shop, only if you/they walk far enough away will they despawn sooner.  The issue with this is described above but providing you don't hang around too long its not really an issue.

Default is just the timings for despawns in the original game which is 20 seconds off screen and oddly 10 seconds off screen if close.

I personally prefer the fast version, the world feels a little more alive and dynamic thanks to people always getting up, sitting down, using vending machines and crossing the road.

Ive also included some other tweaks I have been playing with that are experimantal, so use at your own risk!   (I havent had any problems)

Alternate Traffic - Allows slightly more traffic on the roads, more parked cars and more accurate dynamic driving checks
Unfortunately there is no AI for the traffic, and no way to make them use the dynamic driving ai built into the game.  AI should be slightly less derpy in the races but it might hurt your FPS.  The traffic itself will still stop for no reason in the middle of the road and get into traffic jams. 
Cars are effected by Crowd despawn system

Alternate General AI - Adjusts the line-of-sight finder system and occlusion calculations as well as AI tickrate for enemy/combat AI.  Its hard to tell exactly how much these adjustments change the game, however I feel they search further and are better at getting to you for melee or changing levels.  They still wont use doors/elevators etc and do a proper search, but during combat they are perhaps a bit less stupid. This will hurt your FPS in combat a little

Alternate Streaming - Allows more assets to be loaded per frame and reduces spawn reduction based on movement speed to keep traffic and crowds at max
Can be quite taxing on FPS if your going fast and sometimes cause graphical glitches although not often. slowing down to let it catch up will fix it

Note - these do not stop the crowd NPC's from disappearing if you do something that scares them. Unfortunately whatever is removing them is not controlled by any INI settings.

Installation :
Remove any previous versions of this mod you have installed
Copy the INI files from the zip into Cyberpunk2077\engine\config\platform\pc\

Only copy one of the Alternate Crowd setups explained above, the others are entirely optional and can be mixed and matched with the crowd

New Streaming INI
I finally figured out how this works and the new settings removes any limitations the game places on world complexity based on performance and just loads everything in.  Can impact FPS quite heavily in the city so keep that in mind.
This doesn't make the world more populated, it stops the game engine from reducing the complexity of the scene (by not loading in junk items, traffic and/or civs) dependant on your computers performance.  This means that if the game wants 200 civs, 100 cars and the scene is chock full of rubbish and other objects they will all get loaded.
This section has no impact on draw distance or LOD switch distance, just what is and is not loaded.