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For fans of "Detroit Become Human", Become an Android

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All my Exclusive mods will be on this Patreon.

                           Detroit Become Human Cyberware

Picture : Meluminary

Version available for Male and Fem V : Right Side and Both Sides

normal light, brighter light :

- White
- Red
- Pink
- Green
- Blue

pulse light : 

- White
- Red
- Pink
- Green
- Blue

- Gold

Replacement :

If when you equip yourself and nothing is displayed, use the wardrobe in the apartment !

- Visor Holo

- Braindance Wreath

- Choose the version you want and put it in your folder "mod" : Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
- If you don't have a "mod" folder, you will need to create it

Here you can change all the accessories and clothing you want to a legendary version :

Thing to know :

if you use the legendary ICE-protected Infovisor (called something like that) that both the BD replacer and the Infovisor replacer will be active at the same time, since that mesh is both a bd wreath and visor. it didn't crash for me but i guess it will look wobbly if you use this item lol

Credit :

Alphazomega : Tools and Scripts.
Rfuzzo and Team : CP77Tools.