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A modified (with permission) version of the HARDCORE22 mod by cortlong50 that preserves the fast-paced combat from the original mod, while significantly increasing the danger to the player to even the playing field by making it much easier to die from being shot/stabbed/clubbed.

Permissions and credits
This mod is obsolete, check out the newest hardcore mod from cortlong50: HARDCORE22V2

This is a rebalance of the HARDCORE22 - Realistic Combat Overhaul mod by cortlong50 with the goal of levelling the playing field between the player & NPCs.  RCO's fast-paced combat and realistic time-to-kill has been extended to include the player.
NPCs do much more damage, especially at higher levels.  Running through a hail of bullets protected by nothing but plot armour & Johnny's impressive cock is no longer an option.

This is not for the faint of heart, if you aren't the type to learn from your mistakes
and change your approach, then this isn't the mod for you.

You will die, and you will die often.
( If a player death has not occurred after 1 hour, please let me know so I can resolve that. )

That said, this is not intended to make the game ridiculously hard for no good reason.
Be creative, adapt, and you will learn to survive in the new Night City, and eventually, thrive.

Getting Started

Copy the contents of the downloaded archive to the base game directory.
Like the original, the changes made to NPCs only work on Very Hard difficulty!
If you already have RCO installed, make sure you overwrite the existing files.
You can install this manually or with a mod manager.

(I haven't tested whether using symlinks works or not, but it should.)

As with the original mod, this is a beta, and feedback is appreciated.

(keep it civil or I'll f*** u up)

Permissions & Credits

cortlong50 - Created Realistic Combat Overhaul. Without his work this mod wouldn't exist.