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Short Messy Hair with Shaved Side for both male and female. Two cap styles to choose from. + NEW BOTH SIDES SHAVED

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Short Messy Hair with Shaved Side(s)
Fem V - Replaces Hair 01
Male V - Replaces Hair 09

Please read description

Cap = Shaved part of the hair
Two Cap styles (for now (?)): Full and Shaved, choose whichever you want.

The cap mesh exists because sadly this hair doesn't have a base one, and depending of angle and lighting it looks like it's balding, so I aimed to fix that. If I added a cap to the hair itself, it'd lose its physics, so this is the best solution I could come up with to keep both.

If you want the non shaved hair you can refer to this one for Fem V (physics, no cap) and this one for Male V (no physics, with cap).

Fixed for patch 1.6, no longer will break while using cyberware 1
Standalone versions no longer supported, can't be bothered to keep up with everything
Male now replaces hair 09 and it shouldn't break npcs hairs

I've moved the non-physics version to optional files because it was getting messy and confusing.
Because of their nature, they won't be updated nor will I release more cap styles for them.
Because of how they were made they are a pain in the ass to change where they get the cap style from, so yeah, not gonna deal with that.

Two hair styles, Side shave and Both side shave.
I've separated the Hairs, Cap styles and Cap colors.
Cap colors are shared by both Side and Both.
Choose the appropiate Cap Style according to if it's Side or Both.

- Installation -
1. Pick the archive options you want and place in  *:\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
2. Create the folder if you don't have one.

To uninstall, simply erase the mod from the folder or move it somewhere else for safekeeping.

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